Primary 7 2010

Today P7 were told that they were being given the opportunity to produce a professional movie. The children will not only have acting roles they will also have to write the script, produce and advertise the movie. The finished product will be premiered at the Filmhouse Theatre in Edinburgh after the Easter holidays next year.

Keep checking this website for further information.


On St Andrew’s Day Primary 7 raised up the Scottish Saltire flag. This was to start the school’s week of celebrations to mark ‘Homecoming’ to the Burgh Primary school.

Little and Large Cookery Competition

Well done to Danielle and Nicole who represented the school in the Little and Large cookery competition. They were supported in their efforts to win the trophy by Lauren a S$ pupil at Musselburgh Grammar School. The three girls won through the first round but unfortunately were beaten by Saltoun Primary school in the final. Well done girls!

Grammar Visit
We were invited to visit the Home Economics department at the Grammar school to make a healthy snack. Below are some photos of us baking. The experience was great and we all made muffins or flapjacks with added fruit. [rockyou137941325]

Flour Babies
As part of our Helath topic Primary 6 were asked to take care of a Flour Baby for a few days. The children took on the roles of parents and had to be resposibile for their baby twenty four hours a day. As you can see from the photographs below the babies were well looked after as their carers arranged for them to be looked after in a creche.

As part of our John Muir project we went on an outing to explore some rockpools. We had a great day out and found lots of creatures. Our slideshow below shows some of the more interesting things we found.

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  1. its not realy hard to be a good friend all you need to do is to keep secrets, never break a promise and be nice to people.

    by Daniellle

  2. now we’r in p5. on world book day miss Reid was professer snape.

    by a secret

  3. Hello P5, I have been hearing about all the wonderful activities you have been doing for the John Muir award. Well done! Thank you from CP1 to all the children who have been joining us for Golden Time.

  4. Hi p6 how are you doing its morgan wilson from p6 in wallyford primary just to say keep up the good work ohh and hi to carly mcphersonand connor quinn ohh and connor colould you say to courtey caitlin says hi to both of you love morgan write back soon please 😛

  5. Hi again guess what p6 in wallyford have french strait in the morning its achely quite good talk to you all soon hope you write back to wallyford primary p6 oxoxoxo 😛

  6. hi every one are you all having a good time so far
    have a grate time all year round dont you all think that
    its great
    we can all talk to ech other
    and send comments as well talk to you all later love morgan wilson
    PS:plz could you write back to p6 at wallyford primary school
    thank you 😛 😀

  7. hi its kirsty strachan from p6 at this school i hope u all injoyed ur holidays talk to u all on monday plzwrite back.

  8. Hey kirsty do you remember me morgan wilson I moved to wallyford primary im in p6 now byebye for now 😀

  9. yes morgan i remember u hows u wuu2 in ur school bye bye for now see u soon hope foly

  10. Hi its Morgan Wilson from wallyford primary some people might not remember me because its been 2 years since we have seen each other any way just wrote to say hope you all had a great christmas holiday and i hope you all have a good time when you all go back to school by for now 😛

  11. hi everyone how are you all getting on hope you all are enjoyig p6 were in p7 soon.bye for now from morgan wilson from wallyford primary p6 .xoxoxox.:P 😛 😛

  12. hi it is me Danielle from P6. We are going to Innerwick on may the 12th and 13th and we are all really excited. 😀 🙂

  13. hey we have been to Innerwick yipeeee. I got a big bruise though but it is going away.

    bye bye

  14. hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I had a good holiday but my brother never. Kirsty

    Hiya!! I hope you all have a great time on holiday 😀 !
    See you all after the hols in p7!!:)

    Morgan W we all miss you so much !!! bye for now see you all later xx 😛

  15. Hi, Hope things are all going great for you on P7!

    How has life been since going into Primary 7 :)?

  16. Heey 🙂
    P7 is great so far!
    doing great things !!
    we made volcanos and made them explode:)
    Nicole x

  17. P7 is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we went rock climbing at north berick law it was the funest tripe i have ever been on!!!!!!!!!!!! we made volcanoes and then we put backing powder and vinger in to them and they erupted. At sea cadets we have got a new Cheif he is all right .


  19. we went to benmore and it was so fun we had lots of activities to do and more aand at the end we had a disco witch was sooo fun

  20. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    🙂 P7 IS SO FUN ! 😀

  21. Well done P7 and Mrs Gilbert for all your hard work the past few weeks making the film. It was a pleasure helping you out for 1 day and a real education.
    Camp sounds like it was fantastic last week too.

    Hope you all have a lovely Easter break.

    Megan T’s Mum. x.

  22. Woo ower movie was successful.It was brillant Toni and the granny was funny and Denise and Megan.F were good at acting. I hope we get to make a 2nd movie of The Lost and The Found.

  23. We all went to the Grammer today and did exciting things. We also met lots of new people. I think we will make a lot of new friends quickly. A new day tomorrow and the last day of our visit to the Grammer I hope we have a good time.

  24. Hello. its Kirsty ex P7! I hope you all have a good holiday. I will miss you all especially the teachers.

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