Primary 6/7 – 2013-14

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P6 children have just returned from an overnight stay at Innerwick Residential Centre. During their visit they built bridges at the beach, built dens in the woods and enjoyed splashing each other and the staff at the river.

We have been learning how to play cricket.
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This is p6.7s first day of science week at the burgh school.
P6.7 made rockets with tablets and water and they also made balloons that didn’t deflate.
P6.7 and P1 Buddy Day

P6/7 calenders
During Scots month we have also designed calendar inspired by the work of Edouardo Paolozzi, a Scottish sculptor and artist. He was born in Leith. He created geometric designs using different sizes of the same shape and colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. The colours clash or ‘jar’ and this creates impact.

P6/7 calenders on PhotoPeach

A team of Burgh P6s and P7s competed at the Schools Indoor Athletics Competition at Meadowmill.
There were some excellent individual and team performances. Overall we came 4th and had an active morning, running, jumping and throwing.
We’re looking forward to Meadowbank in June already.

MissLundi 6 janvier est ‘La Fête des Rois’ en France.
We celebrated in P6/7! Rory, as the youngest child handed out pieces of cake. Sophie found a bean in hers and so became Queen Sophie for the day.
Vive la Reine Sophie!!

During Scots Month we are learning about Rabbie Burns.
We shared what we knew already…he was born in Alloway (Evann has visited there), he was a farmer before he was a poet, he wrote poems and songs, he was buried on the same day that his last son was born.
We decided what we’d like to learn about… we’d like to learn more Scots words and to spell them and use them in writing, we’d like to write a poem in Scots and learn a dance to one of Rabbie’s songs, we’d like to be able to recite one of Rabbie’s poems and answer a few questions about his life.
We matched Scots words to English words to get started… lug with ear, tottie wee with tiny, bonnie with beautiful, eejit with idiot!

Robson’s set agreed in maths that we would like to improve our recall of times table facts!
Here is a link to some free, quick and simple games to help you practise. I like ‘Sketch’s World’ the best!

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To celebrate the opening of our playground the P7 pupils challenged the staff to a football match. Great fun was had by all.


Our Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils are to participate in a Reading Buddy Scheme again this year. The P7 pupils have been trained as Big Buddies and will be paired up to read with a P2 pupil for twenty minutes per week.

The main aims of the Reading Buddy scheme are –
• To raise reading confidence
• To raise self-esteem and self-confidence
• To increase feelings of responsibility and commitment to those taking part in the scheme and to the school community as a whole
• To develop and increase communication and social skills.

The children will find out who their buddies are this week and badges and certificates will be presented in assembly.

Next Wednesday at 2.15pm the children will have their first reading buddy session together.

Over the years, the Reading Buddy scheme has proved to be a very important part of the curriculum for both Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils. Please help to keep the profile of this scheme high by asking your child about their Buddy and about the time they spend reading together.

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Alan’s Lab reportClick here to read Alan’s lab report.

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We know that our fingerprints are unique too.
Darcey showed us a great and easy way to see our fingerprints. You told a spoon tightly with your thumb then dip the spoon in cocoa or hot chocolate powder. When you blow the powder away you can see your fingerprint – the powder has stuck to the oils from your thumb.
Darcey noticed this at home when she was making a hot chocolate – what an enquiring mind she has to have noticed this and told us about it!
We have used our fingerprints to make funny pictures too!

Unique kids DNA on PhotoPeach

We have been using cubes to help us see how children who have the same parents still have their own DNA. The DNA of the parents mixes up in a different combination in each child.

We are learning all about DNA. We answered a set of questions about ourselves. We recorded our answers on a DNA bracelet. All the bracelets turned out to be unique. This shows that we are all unique, with our own unique DNA.

Your hair colour, eye colour, hairline, whether you can roll your tongue, whether you have dimples are all controlled by your DNA.

DNA Bracelets made by p6/7 on PhotoPeach

strawberry DNA experiment on PhotoPeach


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Miss Robson went to France in the holidays. She visited the caves at Lascaux. In the caves there are amazing prehistoric cave paintings. She told us about them and how the caves were discovered. We have recreated the pictures into an awe-inspiring display. We have retold the story of the discovery of the caves too.

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Royal Observatory on PhotoPeach

Rock Song Project on PhotoPeach

p5/6 good manners week on PhotoPeach

P5/6 had a great time practising using good manners. We completed the banana challenge with Anton cutting his banana into 203 pieces! The ladies from Holyrood Hotel taught us how to lay a table and we learnt a trick to remind us which side the bread goes on and which side for the drink.

On Friday we used all the skills we had learnt when we had a party for which we made the food ourselves. A special thanks to Clare for her lovely poem which entertained us all.

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The P5s been learning about log piles, how they should be build and why they are important. We will be adding to our school log pile later this term.


Primary 5/6’s Green Scene on PhotoPeach
Our visit to Green Scene: Environmental Learning Festival at Newhailes.
We learnt about our local environment, both the countryside and the seashore and the animals we are likely to find in these places. Some of us learnt about recycling and how we can use our rubbish to make new and useful things. We then made our own paper. The other half of us got the chance to try out some of skills needed to learn about our history and to conserve it. We worked with some archaeologists and stone masons to find out how they contribute to our environment.

Primary 5/6’s Spanish Topic
Our topic on Spain
During structured play we have developed our knowledge of the regions of Spain and where they are on the map, we have made our own Spanish flags and been recreating famous Spanish paintings. We also had to build copies of Spanish buildings out of lego. We had to make sure the buildings looked like the original and measure them to make sure they were the size we had been given.

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