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P6 and 7 Burk and Hare performance on PhotoPeach

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p7 french on PhotoPeach

On Thursday 31st January P7 went into Edinburgh to learn more about their topic Horrible Histories of Scotland.
First the class went on an open top bus tour which pointed out all the Horrible Histories of the Capital City. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day so we had to sit inside the bus or at the front of the bus upstairs.

After the tour we walked through Princess Street Gardens and had our lunch at the art gallery. We then got a guided tour of the gallery where we looked at the painting β€˜The Feast of Herod’ and some paintings by Scottish Artists.

P7 horrible histories tour and art gallery on PhotoPeach

The Primary 7’s have had tag rugby lessons for around 4 weeks now. This is a slideshow of what they have done. [rockyou138576059]

The Risk Factory
On Monday the 23rd of February, Primary 7 went on a trip to The risk factory.
The risk factory is all about learning about risks and what to do when you’re in one.
The Risk Factory is a great place to make mistakes, so you know what to do in a real situation.

P7 Evacuated to North Berwick
After a tearful farewell to our parents and carers we boarded the train and set off into the unknown. We took with us our gas masks and wore our labels around our necks. When we arrived we were met by the children from North Berwick Primary school who showed us around. We had to walk very far just as the children during the war did. We were all glad at the end of the day to be able to return home and at that point we thought about how the evacuees must have felt when they realised that they couldn’t just get back on the train.
Click here to see some photographs photos-1

Dig For Victory

Today some of the children took part in a Victory Dig as part of their World War 2 project. The children and Miss Robson visited the Nursery garden armed with gardening tools and started to dig. Please scroll down to the slideshow showing the group hard at work and the produce that they found. [rockyou122368631]

Please scroll down to meet the Burgh Whizzkids

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  1. On Friday the 18th April the Burgh will have a dress down day. It will cost 50p for one person. You will need some more money for other things going on.

  2. Hi p7, hope that the first few weeks have been good
    PS:caitlin wilson misses you all and says hi and especialy to kaitie.:P

  3. hi p7 what are you learning in class are you all ingoying primary7 talk to you all soon

  4. πŸ™‚ hi P7 hope u r having a good time with your reading buddies

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  5. hiya its tonicha hughes i really miss musselburgh primary school

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  6. I am going to miss the Primary 7 class that are going into secondary school!

    Hope you have a super time in S1 up to S6.

  7. Im really going to miss the Burgh. It was an excellent school and Miss Robson was a really great teacher. :'( Good luck in the future all my school mates. I will keep in touch and bring in the baby.

  8. Hiya, my lord I’m gonna miss being in primary.. I’ll come back probably and refuse to leave haha

    Miss you all.. Byeeeee xxxxx

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