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Primary 7 have been learning about the Government during Social Studies. After visiting the Scottish Parliament Primary 7 were put into their own political parties. Each party had to create a manifesto, name, logo and slogan. They then had to choose a leader and they had to deliver a speech to the upper school assembly. The leaders will now visit the upper school classes to canvas for votes where they hope to become the Prime Minister and leading party of the P7 classroom. The winning party will run the P7 class for 2 Fridays in June where they will instruct Miss Reid on what they expect in relation to their party manifesto.

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On Tuesday 14th of May Primary 7 visited the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh.
The class were given a Parliament quiz to complete by finding answers by looking at displays, a guided tour around the building, a questions session with the SNP MSP Colin Beattie and were able to sit into a live debate about the North Sea oil.
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Primary 7 have been learning how to play the game Tag Rugby with David, their rugby coach in school. They have been learning how to pass the ball and score a tri. Primary 7 will be using these skills soon at a Rugby Festival.

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On Thursday 31st January P7 went into Edinburgh to learn more about their topic Horrible Histories of Scotland.
First the class went on an open top bus tour which pointed out all the Horrible Histories of the Capital City. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day so we had to sit inside the bus or at the front of the bus upstairs.

After the tour we walked through Princess Street Gardens and had our lunch at the art gallery. We then got a guided tour of the gallery where we looked at the painting ‘The Feast of Herod’ and some paintings by Scottish Artists.

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Primary 7 and Primary 1a had a fantastic Golden Time together on Red Nose day. In the P7 classroom the children could make funny faced biscuits, make puppets or create a red nose door hanger.

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Primary 7 have been learning about the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh with Miss Reid.
Using his Sunflowers painting as a stimulus, P7 created their own version using soft oil pastels on black paper.

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Primary 7 visited Lockerbie Manor on a residential visit from Monday 4th February until Friday 8th February. Miss Reid, Miss MacLaughlan and Marc went with P7 to camp and each lead a group.
We did lots of fantastic activities including riffles, archery, zip-wire, climbing, low ropes, abseiling, fencing and the obstacle course.
We all had a fantastic time at camp especially when it snowed.

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  1. Primary seven has been the best year of the Burgh. I have enjoyed all the topics and Trips plus Camp thank you Miss Reid for making P7 the best going to miss the Burgh and staff.

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