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Rock UK

Rock UK came to school and worked with P6. We learned skills in the art of fencing and worked on our team building skills.

Rock UK Visit P6 on PhotoPeach

Macbeth Drama

Primary 6 visited the National Library in Edinburgh to take part in a Shakespeare drama workshop. P6 worked with members of the Citizen Theatre to bring the Witches poem from Macbeth to life.

P6 on PhotoPeach
Macbeth Drama on PhotoPeach

Tuesday 7th of February 2012 would have been Charles Dickens 200th Birthday.

P6 have been learning about the life and work of Dickens during topic . We all researched a different aspect of his life in groups then presented them to the class.

We have had a special structured play on his birthday also. We made Charles Dickens book marks, 200th birthday cards, information posters, portraits and played monopoly.

Here is some picturs from that day.













Primary 6 have been learning all about the immortal life of Robert Burns. In class we have been learning about his family, education and why he is Scotland’s National Bard.

We took part in an assembly showing all we have learned to the pupils, staff and parents of the Burgh.

We showed what you would do at a Burns Supper, read his poems and sang his songs and then showed what we had learned about the poem Tam O’Shanter during Drama.


Thank you to all who attended, we had fun performing for you.


















Musselburgh Race Course

On Wednesday 26th of October Primary 6 went to Musselburgh Racecourse with Miss Reid.

Primary 6 were taking part in the Race to School programme which is run by the British Horseracing Education and Standards trust (BHEST).

We were learning about the day to day operations of a modern racecourse and visited the weighing room, parade ring and stables. We were working on our non-number and numeracy math skills at the racecourse and health and well-being.


P6 have been learning about measurement during non-number maths. We can convert metres into centimetres vice versa.  We can use trundle wheels, rulers and metre sticks to measure, choosing the most appropriate for the task being carried out. We applied these skills to our Science topic Earth and Space by measuring the distance of the planets from the sun if 1 metre = 100 million kilometres.














On Thursday 6thof October 2011 Primary 6 went to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace with Miss Reid and 3 parent volunteers to learn about the life and time of Mary Queen of Scots.

P 6 at Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace






Primary 6 went to Pinkie Primary Schools Astroturf to play hockey with other schools in Musselburgh.


We were in 6 teams of 5. The weather was really hot so we had to make sure we were hydrated by drinking lots of water.


We played really well in our teams and enjoyed our morning.


Primary 6 have been taking part in Strurtured Play activities.  Please scroll down  to see our photographs.








On Friday 2nd September Primary 6 went on an Archaeological  dig at Newhailes where they discovered a shell house. We got to work on an archaeological site and clean items that were found.  Click on the powerpoint link to see some photographs.     Presentation1



Through Structured Play we have been:

Following instructions to build Hogwart’s out of Lego.

Using Lego or play dough to create castle’s Mary Queen of Scots was held in.

Designing a new planet using vocabulary from non-fiction books to help us.

Using a compass to draw pictures from circles.




[nggallery id=89].



Maureen Johnson told us funny anecdotes about John Muir’s extraordinary life. We learnt that John’s family, in particular his Grandad, tought him the great values of nature and outdoor life. After listening to some stories, the class split into small groups for role-play. We had lots of fun!!!


[nggallery id=85]

Golf at Fisherrow

On Friday the 27th of May, we went to the Fisherrow Park to play Golf.

Kate Green, from FirstClubGolf, was a great instructor and gave us great tips in Golf.

The class worked really hard at the 3 shots: Full launch, Chipping and Rolling.

The class got grouped into 4 or 5 groups.

We had a lot of fun and we all enjoyed playing golf around the 6 holes.

You could try it out at the School Fair.

We had such a good experience and we wish we could go there again!!!

On the 28th of February we visited the Lagoons. We took our Nature Diaries to record our observations.

Our local rangers took us to the best places to spot birds.

Fortunately the weather was lovely. We could see for miles.

We took turns to observe the Lagoons.
It was great to see the birds so close!

The ranger took us to a hide to watch them in detail.

As part of our study, we took samples of water and soil.

We selected the Lagoons as the wild place of study for our John Muir Project. The lagoons are in Musselburgh near the Racecourse.

The lagoons is a wild place where lots of different birds come all year round to breed and feed.

You can walk your dog around the lagoons any time you like !

You can also kayak and canoe with family and friends!

We had a fantastic day!


[nggallery id=81]

On the 3rd of March we celebrated World Book Day. We enjoyed reading our favourite books and sharing our stories with the class.

We collected money for the Book Trust so more children can enjoy reading a good book.

Some our favourite books among were:

  • Toro ! Toro! By Michael Morpurgo
  • Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan
  • Ghost Trouble by Pete Johnson
  • Mega Sleepover by Fiona Cummings and Co
  • Mary Poppins by  PL Travers
  • Love, Peace and Chocolate by Cathy Cassidy


We came to school in our pyjamas. We felt we had slept in!



John Muir Drama
Maureen Johnson told us funny anecdotes about John Muir’s extraordinary life. We learnt that John’s family, in particular his Grandad, taught him the great values of nature and outdoor life. After listening to some stories, the class split into small groups for role-play. We had lots of fun!!!

[nggallery id=53]


We are looking forward to going to the Lagoons with the help of our Ranger, Nick Aitken.
Meanwhile, in groups we are studying migratory birds by researching information on the internet, drawing pictures and making models.
Once we are finished collecting the information, one of us in the group will share the work with the rest of the class.

[nggallery id=52]

Ethan made this wonderful Roman arena out of the snow in his garden.


At the end of November P5 invited parents and classes to visit their exhibition about Medieval life.

This topic was met very enthusiastically. Several children dressed up in Medieval costumes. And with the help of music we enjoyed a medieval feast alongside other areas such as build your own tower, decorate a shield, build a trebuchet, write your name in medieval writing, cut and glue your own knight and draw your favourite castle.

What a fantastic week! Scroll down to see a slideshow of our exhibition.
[nggallery id=38]

[nggallery id=24]

On the 8th of September we joined the Green Workshop in Newhailes. We had a fantastic time learning how to look after the environment. The class was divided into 2 groups. We observed the effects of an oil spill and how to clean it, we learnt parts of a flower plant and we looked for minibeasts. All in all, a sucessful day!


We had a special visitor: My Lady.

She taught us how to write in Medieval style. It was quite hard because the quill did not go up. We needed to be patient to learn how to do it. We hope we can see her again.

[nggallery id=18]

This is Finley with his lovely castle that he made.

Recently P4 went to the zoo look down to see some pictures


P4 recently visited the museum.

Rainbow Day in the P3 classroom – we put on 4 games for the children to enjoy. P3 made tokens which could be bought for 10p each and each token = 1 game. The children also made posters which advertised the games and these were displayed around the school beforehand. The games were hoopla, beanbag into the net, pin the gold on the rainbow and limbo. We made £36 total in P3.[rockyou137940363]

Seashore assembly – these are photos, used for our assembly presentation. The pupils were in research groups and they chose their own topic and jobs within the group. They are then going to present their information at an assembly. Different groups did a similar activity earlier in the term and their work is on display outside the P3 classroom. The children mounted and displayed their own work.

Rotary Club Photograph Competition Winner
Kate Varga was the well deserved winner of the Rotary Club Photograph Competition. She attended an award presentation where all the Rotary gentlemen were very welcoming. Kate received a certificate and a £5.00 prize for her winning entry. Congratulations to Kate from everyone at the Burgh.

Book Club – a discussion group every Wednesday when the children talk about and review a book they have read. They can use a discussion guide if they want to, provided by me. One child in each group is the facilitator each time.

Health Week
Primary 3 enjoyed all the activities they were involved in during health week. They tried new sports including karate and dance. During Golden Time the children made and then ate fruit kebabs.


During our science lessons

we have been learning about

life cycles.  This is our display

of a life cycle of a butterfly.

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