Primary 7a 2008

evry.jpg Primary 6a made this banner with Mrs Short and Mr Connell during our Art lessons. We included the Roman Bridge and the Honest Lad and Lass to show that we are from Musselburgh. Everything is Possible is our school motto.

Special thanks to Mrs McLaren, Mrs Crawford and Ms Macfarlane for their help with putting the banner together.

9 thoughts on “Primary 7a 2008”

  1. Welldone Emily and Michael, you should feel very proud! Like Mrs Wilson I’m available for tasting anytime!

  2. P6A, I am looking forward to coming down to Innerwick to see you all on Thursday evening. I wonder which group will get the room with the ensuite bathroom.
    Perhaps Emily and Michael will give us a master class in cooking chinese.
    See you on Thursday.

  3. when i walked into the assembaly hall i thought i look fantastic

    Daniel p6(now7)a

  4. i am looking forword to a geat camp , and playing football with the teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    michael morrison p7a

  5. it looks wonderful it was hard work the stiching was hard to

    I was in p6a but now im in p7a…

  6. i realy like the world war 2 show because i liked the songs and the dance called the chrismas boggie woogie.

    p.s loved the show!

    by Danielle michaels morrisons little sister

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