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  1. Hello!

    P5’s are learning some Spanish by sharing news and projects with Spanish penpals (Castellbisbal, Barcelona).

    Greetings from Musselburgh, Scotland!
    Muchos recuerdos y esperamos connectarnos pronto!

  2. Hola!

    We are from Scotland.
    We are doing a project about john Muir.
    What is your project?
    What is your school call?
    How are you?

  3. hola this is p5 how are you doing? were just typing to ask a few questions

    what is your school called?
    what is your project?
    are you in p5 as well?
    what is your teacher called?
    do you have a headmaster or a headmistress?
    how many have you got in your class? we have 32
    by for now and i hope you can reply
    from mussleburgh primary school

  4. hola i am in P5
    i am doing a project about john muir
    what are you doing in your class?

  5. olla i am from musselburgh i stay in prestonpans just now if you want to know where i live ask holly

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