Eco Committee Update
Since Eco Week, the Committee has been very busy. We have created new labels and signs for the bins in the Dining Hall. This is so that we can make sure the correct things are being recycled e.g. plastics and food waste.
We have been monitoring the amount of textiles we are recycling through our Rag Bag station which is in the Assembly Hall. You can now put old clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, towels and bed sheets into the collection point at any time in the year and when it is full we will contact Rag Bag who will collect it for us. In February, we collected 84kg for recycling compared to 82kg in December. Can we get more before the end of the school year?
Our playground garden has been getting lots of work done to it. The Parent Council came into school on Saturday 25th April for Action Day and did lots of heavy gardening and weeding for us so we can now look after the garden ourselves. Emily Sanderson who is ranger at Newhailes came into school and helped us start to plant seeds which should sprout before the summer holidays. There is cress, parsley, tomatoes, lettuce leafs and many more. We will be watering these everyday to look after them and help them grow. When you are in the playground, have a look out for any changes!
If you have any suggestions on how we can make the Burgh more Eco friendly please let your Class Rep know!

Eco Committee Update 16th December 2014
Dear Parents, Carers and Webpage
We are writing to tell you that every class now has a red recycling bin for paper and cardboard. This will be emptied every week. We also have a new RAG BAG collection point in our Assembly Hall where you can recycle clothes, belts, handbags and shoes at anytime. It is a large brown bin. Please help us fill this quickly! This week we had a RAG BAG collection where people across the school donated old clothes and shoes which could be reused or recycled.
We are now starting to plan Eco Week which is in February. We are also preparing an Assembly on the 3 R’s.
By Marvin P5

The Burgh Eco Code

Eco Rap

Switch off the lights
and it will be alright.
Recycle paper in the bin,
this is the way to win
Don’t drop litter everywhere
pick it up to show you care!
Let’s get the green flag for the school
and the Burgh will be cool!!!

By P4/5


Update 05.11.1429.09.14

Eco Committee Update
Each class now has their own Eco Rep. They are as follows:
Nursery – Kadiene
P1a – Isaac
P1b – Declan
P2a – Ethan
P2b – Daniel
P3a – Izzy
P3b – Carrie
P4 – Eleanor
P4/5 – Rory
P5 – Marvin
P6 – Sophie
P6/7 – Amy
P7 – Murray

Before or after the Eco Committee meet, your Rep will get a chance to discuss with your class any issues you have. If you have any ideas to take to the Committee then please see your Rep as soon as possible!

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