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Safe Routes to Musselburgh Burgh Primary School
April-June 2014
By the Junior Road Safety Officers
Felicity Johnston, Murray Wilson, Chloe Munro, Ceri Thomas, Ailie McIntosh, Olivia McDonald

We are the Musselburgh Junior Road Safety Officers(2013-2014) and we went to a meeting with the Burgh Parent Council. We told them about our aims to improve children’s safe routes to school. The parents were enthusiastic about our ideas and together we decided that it was important to find out about which ways most children and families came to school and whether there were any safety issues on these journeys.
We spent ages making a map of our local area and we added photos of local landmarks to help people work out their routes to school. Then we asked parents and children to draw their routes that they take to school – yellow for walking and orange for cycling on the road. Then we asked people to add a flag to highlight any dangers on their way and to give us details about these dangers.
After this we wanted to share our ideas and suggestions for possible improvements. We organised a meeting on 29/08/14 and the following people came along to listen to our ideas – Colin Baird, Iain Reid (ELC School Travel Coordinator), Greg McGowan (Community Warden); Shamin Akhtar (Councillor Fa’side); a photographer from Johnson’s Publications; Mrs Fleming, Mrs Russell, Mrs Riegels, Mrs Fordyce, Mrs Hoole, Mr Lyall
The following areas were discussed and we and the 2014-15 JRSO team will follow up on some of the suggestions.
1. Zone 1: Intersection at Loretto Nippers ( North High Street and Eskside West)
– Contact Loretto Nippers- consider shared project, offer for JRSO teams to meet
– Mirror replacement suggested
– Don’t cross at the intersection, go further down the road for better visibility
2. Zone 2: Parking by Shorthope Street and Eskside East
– Possible improvement to pathway across btw bridge and pathway following river
– Don’t cross at the corner – go over where there is only 1 road to cross.
3. Zone 3: Crossing Kilwinning Place beside school
– Might consider zebra crossing – make this a priority?
– Signs – do we need to ask for better signs for this road
4. Zone 4: Intersection between Kilwinning St, Kilwinning Place and High St
– Don’t cross here – walk up to access school at the brown gate by the nursery

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  1. Well done, JRSO team! You’ve all worked incredibly hard and done a totally amazing job as ambassador’s for improving road safety for children at our school!

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