School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan – Summary for Parents

We continue to work in partnership with pupils, staff, parents and the Musselburgh and wider communities to ensure that we are on track to achieve the key priorities identified in our current School Improvement Plan.
Our School Improvement Plan for Session 2014/15 builds on our successes from the previous year and takes into account the views of all stakeholders.

During Session 2013/14 our priorities were:

The Curriculum: Literacy and English

• We began to develop a whole school overarching literacy policy to support effective teaching and learning in writing, reading, listening and talking and spelling and literacy with links to outdoor learning and additional support for learning
• We organised our existing non-fiction resources to maximise effectiveness of planning and teaching
• We provided opportunities for staff to be involved in and engage with the process of reading moderation across all levels within the school

Learners’ Experiences: Burgh Parliament – Rights Respecting Schools and Global Citizenship

• We achieved the Rights Respecting Schools – Recognition of Commitment award.
• We created a proactive Burgh Parliament made up of pupil representatives from each of our school’s committees. The Parliament attended School Council and detailed their roles and responsibilities and shared their priorities

Expectations and promoting achievement: Ethos

• Each class created their own charter identifying the articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and associated Rights and Responsibilities
• We created a visual display giving an overview of our on-going engagement with and awareness of Rights Respecting Schools
• We developed a Golden Table reward system to promote good manners and behaviour in the dining hall

Management and use of resources and space for learning: Resources for Learning

• We organised our school’s Science resources cupboard linked to our Science Planning Toolkit and A Curriculum for Excellence

Wider Achievements:
Through the opportunities we offered last session, our pupils have continued to develop as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens. The wider achievements of our school continue to be extensive and exciting. Our P6-7 Theatre Group produced a fantastic performance of The Wizard of Oz, while our P1-3 pupils’ Nativity show was a huge success, with standing room only! Amongst our sporting achievements last session, P6 and P7 pupils competed at Meadowbank Stadium in an East Lothian athletics tournament and won the middle school category – a first for the Burgh. An amazing achievement! As always, our staff, pupils and parents combined to organise a number of successful fundraising events and community coffee mornings. Details of all our achievements are shared in our monthly newsletters.

Our school priorities for 2014/15:

The Curriculum: Literacy and English

• To develop a whole school Literacy Policy to support the effective teaching of literacy skills – Reading, Writing, Literacy & Spelling, Talking & Listening linked explicitly to Support for Learning
• To finalise the school’s Reading skills progression and consider its usefulness as a tracking document
• To introduce the new Reading skills progression to staff and make any necessary improvements following a trial run
• To create a whole school Talking & Listening policy along with a skills progression
• To organise existing literacy resources within the school to maximise effectiveness of programme

The Curriculum: Numeracy and Maths

• Organise maths and numeracy resources to match planning format
• Reorganise and source practical and digital resources for maths/numeracy cupboard
• Liaise with Musselburgh Grammar School regarding transition between Second and Third levels
• Link Maths and ICT through an Inter-Disciplinary approach

The Curriculum: R.M.P.S. (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies)

• Develop a progressive overview of Christianity and other World Religions from Early to 2nd Level
• Develop an RMPS Toolkit to support effective teaching of religious, moral and philosophical studies
• Organise, update and categorise resources

Expectations and promoting achievement: Ethos

• To achieve Level 1 Rights Respecting School Award
• To achieve Green Flag award status
• To develop resilience amongst pupils
• To extend the Pupil Voice
• Develop self-awareness and self-esteem, promote respect for self and others and encourage positive relationships throughout the school

Later this session, we will consult with staff, pupils, parents and the wider community to find out how well we are doing in relation to our Improvement Plan. We will also identify developments for Session 2015/16. We hope this summary is helpful to you. If you would like more information, the full School Improvement Plan for Session 2014/15 is available from the School Office or by clicking on this link Burgh SIP 2014.15  . Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Karen Fleming
Head teacher
October 2014

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