Primary 5/6 – Mrs Chiole

p5/6 Class Newsletter (September 2021)



We have worked very hard this week to research and design a mural for The Pend in Musselburgh.  Here is our submission that will be entered for the design competition.  Well done P5/6 for all your enthusiasm, great ideas and inspired drawings – they look amazing all together!

We’ve had a lovely letter back from the Mural committee saying –

Hi Mrs Hoole and the pupils of P5/6,
Thank you so much for the submission, I’m delighted to see such an amazing and well thought out design!
I’m not entirely sure how long the process of narrowing down to the final 3 will take but I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t take too long (although I’m relying on several people for this so that can delay things).
Once the final 3 have been picked, I’ll email everyone who entered to let them know. The public vote to pick a winner will then be launched.
Very best of luck!
Kind regards,

Have a read at our Mural Proposal << HERE >>

Check out our class design << HERE >>

November 2021

On the 17th November 2021, P5/6 went back in time to the 1940’s for a day of activities exploring the life of school children in World War 2.

Take a look at a presentation of our World War II day << HERE >>