Resources for Families Regarding Anxiety and Worry

  • NHS Lothian offers a wide range of support for families experiencing stressful behaviours including anxiety and worry. Click on the document below to find access to a variety of online materials.
    Materials include:
  • Access to a recorded two part information session webinars – Understanding
    Anxiety and Supporting your child with anxiety. These are also available in BSL.
  • Access to two online module courses for families based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – Supporting your Child with Anxiety and Supporting your Teenager with Anxiety. Both courses allow families to work through the course at their own pace, they are most suitable for families looking to support their young person with worry and anxiety, while learning helpful strategies to manage their own anxieties. These modules are available via the platform Silvercloud. Sign up is
    free using the access code Lothian.
  • A link to the adult mental health website can also be found at: Home – Wellbeing Lothian

NHS Lothian Resources for Parents and Carers Anxiety and Worry cab be found <<HERE>>