Staff List 2023-2024

  • Head Teacher :  Mr Jon Doyle
  • Depute Head Teacher :  Mrs Natalie Copland

Principal Teachers

  • Early Years : Amy Hainey
  • First Level : Emily Macdonald
  • Second Level : Rebekah Jones


  • Senior Early Years Practitioner:  Miss Jodie Stockman
  • Early Years Practitioners: Mrs Sarah Cunningham, Mrs Linda Banks, Mrs Dee Hood,  Ms Teresa Lynch, Mrs Nicole Orr, Mrs Alison Spence, 
  • Early Years Support Worker: Mrs Gulnaz Akhtar


Class Teacher(s)  
P1 Mrs Amy Hainey Principal Teacher
P2 Mrs Rhian Monro / Mrs Natalie Copland  
P2/3 Miss Tessa Kolster  
P3 Mrs Wilson  
P3/4 Mrs Emily Macdonald Principal Teacher
P4 Mrs Mary Cooper  
P5 Miss Katherine Kerr Newly Qualified Teacher
P5/6 Mrs Fleur Hoole  
P6 Mrs Diane Chiole  
P6/7 Mrs Rebekah Jones Principal Teacher
P7 Mrs Samantha Fulton  
  • Support for Learning: Mrs Julie Ross
  • Additional Teacher: Mrs Nicola Davies-Jenkins
  • N-Zone: Mrs Eleanor Sherry
  • ASN Auxiliaries: Mrs Karen Anderson, Mrs Rena Brown, Mrs Lyndsay Crawford, Mrs Susan Garden, Miss Leanne Louden, Miss Amy Scott, Miss Hazel Sinclair, Mrs Alana Sleigh, Mrs Susan Tomlins, 
PE Mr Alasdair Dougall Tuesday
Art Mrs Morag McLeod Tuesday
French Madame Fiona Scott Wednesday
Music Miss Kirsten Ireland Thursday
Violin Mrs Carolyn Wilson Tuesday
Cello Mr Tim Cais Thursday
  • Janitor: Mr Stuart Fairnie, Mr David Bremner
  • Business Support Administrator : Mrs Louise Smith
  • Senior Business Support Assistant : Jo Doherty
  • Business Support Assistant : Amber Jenkins
  • Playground/Dining Hall Supervisor: Mrs Hazel Warnock
  • Cook: Mrs Theresa Mack
  • Kitchen Assistants: Mrs Laura Campbell, Mrs Mary McMillan

This list is subject to change since personnel may vary from year to year. Parents will be notified of any changes through school newsletters.