What is RHSP?

What is RHSP?

As part of our 2020-21 School Improvement Plan, staff have been working together to update our relationships, sexual health and parenthood education programme. RSHP covers a range of diverse topics including how to look after a baby, life cycles, puberty, identifying parts of our body as well as how our families are different relationships. 


We teach this because:

  • Children are naturally curious and are already learning about these topics every day
  • Learning about RSHP can prepare for things like body changes, developing healthy relationships and keeping themselves safe
  • Children can easily access incorrect and sometimes harmful information online (e.g. YouTube, social media, gaming) and from their peers
  • Teachers are equipped with up to date accurate information and resources, which can support children to question and balance any incorrect information.


The booklet below from NHS Health Scotland is a handy guide on talking to primary-aged children about relationships and sexual well-being.



The full Parent/Carer Information letter can be found here:



More information can also be found in this PowerPoint