Fairtrade Fortnight in the Blue Class

The Blue Class went on a  Fairtrade hunt in the courtyard, looking for Fairtrade items.  They shopped for Fairtrade ingredients to make their delicious banana and chocolate flapjacks, with help from their P2 buddies.
Fairtrade Fortnight on PhotoPeach

Click BANANA AND CHOC CHIP SQUARES (1) to try the recipe.

1 thought on “Fairtrade Fortnight in the Blue Class

  1. What a great surprise to find all these Fairtrade treasures hiding in the garden! There were t-shirts hanging on the trellis, chocolate in the bird-table, flowers in a bucket, cotton buds in a planter, coffee and tea bags under the hedge, biscuits on the swing and loads more! We had our Fair Trade logo cards and had to match it to all the things we found – we found LOADS!!

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