Our Sensory Journey Week 1

The Hub became a very busy place on Wednesday afternoon.  We were all invited to a picnic in the Green Room but we had to go on different forms of transport to get there.  We took the Runaway train to the seaside. Then a boat and a plane to reach the Red Room.  We danced and played instruments to the music but had to look out for the ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ signs. We had a picnic in the Green Room then the bus took us back to the Yellow Room. Everyone arrived back safely but we can not wait to go on our journey again.

Our Sensory Journey Week 1 on PhotoPeach

1 thought on “Our Sensory Journey Week 1

  1. Didn’t we have fun! Thanks to our great ticket collectors, tooters, oarsmen and women, train drivers and those who helped hoist the sail on HMS Britannia! I am looking forward to seeing the next photos of Sensory Journey 2.

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