MOVE Celebration Day

We had a great day on Friday the 23rd May for National MOVE Day. We have been learning about the Commonwealth Games this term so we thought we would tie it in to an action packed MOVE Day.

We started the morning off with a warm up at Big Circle led by our PE teacher.
Then we marched out to the courtyard to take our places for ‘the races.’
Many parents were there to cheer us on.

We did a running race and an obstacle race. The Green, Blue and Red classes were competing against each other. Our final race was the parents’ egg and spoon race.

We all had so much fun. We had a Big Mac which was passed around to allow each child to start each race with Ready, Steady, Go.

There was a medal presentation at the end.
Its not about the winning, its about the taking part
(although the Blue Class did come first!!)

Enjoy the Photos
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