Family Fun Day at the Yard

Pupils from the Hub and family and friends enjoyed a day at the Yard in Edinburgh last Sunday 26 May.  The Daisy Chain Trust very kindly funded the day out.  It was lovely to see brothers , sisters, mums, dads and grandparents all enjoying the play activities on offer within a safe environment.  We particularly enjoyed the sensory garden with it’s musical pots and pans and flip flop xylophone.  The water pump and wet sand were also a hit.

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Summer Event

The Ugly Bug Ball

Hub Courtyard

(weather permitting, otherwise Dance & Movement Studio)

Monday 18th June, 2PM

We invite all parents, carers and friends of children in The Hub to our Summer Event.

This years theme is The Ugly Bug Ball. 

We will be having a ball in the courtyard and doing some singing too so please come and join us!

Easter Event


We invite all family, carers and friends of The Hub to our annual Easter Event.

Monday 26th March


Dance and Movement Studio

This year we have a special repeat performance by the group who performed at the Fiesta in Stockbridge!

There will be plants and seedlings available for sale which the children have helped to plant and look after.

Refreshments will be served after the performance.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dounans Day 4, Thursday 29th September

We’ve had a very busy last day at camp!  The last activity for the week was a five hour hike but we thought that we needed to save some energy for the disco tonight and so we decided to go to Blair Drummond Safari Park instead!

First of all we took the car around the animal reserve and saw lots of different animals – some we recognised and some we didn’t!  We saw camels, lions, bison and lots more.  We saw some animal with antlers, some with big horns and some with very wooly coats!

After that we had a walk around and saw some of the smaller animals – meercats, lemurs and rabbits amongst others.  There were also horses, pot bellied pigs and goats.  The donkeys were very noisy!  After all that it was time for lunch before some time in the adventure playground, the different types of swing were a hit.

We saw the last of the animals, zebras, elephants and rhinos before soming back to camp in time for tea.

After tea it was time to get all dressed up and ready for the disco!  There was lots of dancing before supper and then off to bed.  Just time for breakfast and the last bit of packing before we leave in the morning. 

It’s been a fantastic week and everyone has had lots of fun and has been very brave and willing to give everything a go!

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Dounans Day 3, Wednesday 28th September

A bit of a lie in this morning as breakfast was 20 minutes later!  I don’t think any of us wanted to get up!  The beds are quite comfy and the room is very cosy.

After breakfast we went to play some strategy and team games before getting onto the Ropes Course.  The idea was to work your way around the course without stepping on the ground.  Some of the different bits were very wobbly, high and tricky but we did very well and worked both as a team, for bits that needed help, and independently too.

After a big lunch we took the car to the David Marshall Lodge Visitor Centre where we could explore different local animal and bird artefacts.  We could also watch the different live animal animal cams of water voles, bird boxes and some film of local Ospreys.

After we had a nice snack at the Cafe we got back in the car and drove down to Loch Drunkie.  We walked alongside the loch and followed a sensory sound trail with lots of different musical instruments to explore and play along the way.  It was a beautiful day and the water was very still.  It was so pretty!

Back in time for tea and we got ready to watch the Sandersons Wynd Talent Show.  There were a few jokers and some lovely singers!  We played some games and now it’s time for bed!

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Dounans Day 2, Tuesday 27th September

We’ve had the most fantastic day! 

Up early for breakfast and then off to play some trust games in preparation for our first activity, the Nightline.

We trekked up into the the wet woods to find the course.  It was very boggy and everyone in the group was glad they had on raincoats, special boots and wellies!

The Nightline course was quite tricky.  It had lots of different obstacles to go under, over, into and through.  We managed every single obstacle on the course!  I think the photos show just how well we did.

After the Nightline we trekked back to camp and had a well deserved cup of tea before lunch.

After lunch we completed the Orienteering course, following the map around camp adn then went straight on playing some rope games to practice for the Tree Climb.  After walking into the woods we found our hat and harnesses waiting for us.  All of the children tried hard to climb the tree and a few very brave people managed to make it up 14 meters to ring the bell!

After dinner we decided to have a little walk into Aberfoyle village in hunt of an ice-cream shop.  We found a lovely one and tried some very tasty mint choc chip!

I think we’ll all be ready for bed tonight!

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