Hub Pupils and Staff Launch National Smile Month!

IMG_0004At our BIG Circle we launched National Smile Month with very special smiles and lots of fun! We enjoyed some drama and brushed to the sounds of ‘When You’re Smiling’…and ‘This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth!’ We are currently working together with Amy Joss from Special Smiles (Action for Sick Children Scotland) to explore:

  • dental care
  • visiting the dentist
  • healthy drinks and snacks

We have a whole school inclusive ‘Smile Centre’ for lots of exploration and learning!  We have fantastic resources and play packs to share at home with toys, games, books and lots of information. Please get in touch if you would like to borrow a play pack.

Just like us- keep brushing and smiling!

For more information visit:

Special Smiles:

National Smile Month:

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MOVE Celebration Day

We had a great day on Friday the 23rd May for National MOVE Day. We have been learning about the Commonwealth Games this term so we thought we would tie it in to an action packed MOVE Day.

We started the morning off with a warm up at Big Circle led by our PE teacher.
Then we marched out to the courtyard to take our places for ‘the races.’
Many parents were there to cheer us on.

We did a running race and an obstacle race. The Green, Blue and Red classes were competing against each other. Our final race was the parents’ egg and spoon race.

We all had so much fun. We had a Big Mac which was passed around to allow each child to start each race with Ready, Steady, Go.

There was a medal presentation at the end.
Its not about the winning, its about the taking part
(although the Blue Class did come first!!)

Enjoy the Photos
MOVE Celebrations on PhotoPeach

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As part of our Commonwealth Theme we have been trying out different sports. We went orienteeringwith P2 around the school grounds, finding different objects to explore and match at each station. Everyone cheered each other on at the finish line.
Have a look at our photos.
Orienteering on PhotoPeach

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Sports Relief

We joined the whole school out on the field to raise money for Sports Relief. Everyone had on their sports gear and ran or walked all the way around.  We also had a special obstacle course at gym.

Have a look at our photos.
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Longniddry Rotary

L Rotary 4 L rotary 5

Richard and Alan from Longniddry and District  Rotary visited the Hub on Wednesday and presented a cheque to the pupils and staff.  A huge thank you to all Longniddry Rotarians for their kind generosity.  We will be purchasing additional  communication devices – Step by Steps – which will allow all the pupils to switch a sequenced message or story.

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The Scottish Sensory Journey

Continuing with our focus on Scotland, we created a different theme for each classrom and all the puils have taken part in the Scottish Journey.

Click on the link below to see our photos.

The Scottish Sensory Journey on PhotoPeach

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There were lots of different tastes in the Blue Class.  Oatcakes, Scottish Cheddar,Scottish honey, haggis, neeps tatties, Selkirk bannock and  a little taste of Edinburgh rock as well as the favourite tablet.  All the pupils used either a talking mat or like/don’t like symbols/getsures to indicate their preferences.

The Red Class became the music hall with a range of Scottish music from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers to Jimmy Shand.  There was marching , ceildh dancing, waulking songs as well as drumming.

The Green class created a beautiful Scottish landscape in the style of JOLOMO which we hope to mount and display.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Day to make a Difference


On the last day of term three volunteers from Loyds Banking Group came to school and made a huge difference to the sensory area in the Red Class. They blacked out the area with very sticky backed velcro friendly material. The sensory area now looks very smart and the dark background will enhance the effects of the light and sound. An additional bonus – we can now mount items onto the walls without them always falling off!
They also re hung the ceramic wind chimes on the sound sculpture outside and it is lovely to hear the tinkling sounds again.
A huge thank you to you all.

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The Great Mincemeat Hunt

We visited the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh  to look for ingredients for our mincemeat.  We had to look very closely in the Greenhouses and found plants and fruits to smell and touch and taste.  We then made our own mincemeat and put it into jars to take home in our Christmas decorated bags.

Click on the link below to see our photos.

The Great Mincepie Hunt on PhotoPeach