February 2010

 Our topic this term was Hot and Cold. We learnt about animals from polar lands and enjoyed watching a Pingu video. We explored fir cones, moss and pine branches. The moss felt soft and the fir cones jaggy. The pine branch had a nice smell! We felt hot and cold water with our hands and feet! We explored ice cubes in the water tray and watched them melt. We also tried painting with coloured ice cubes and made some interesting patterns. For cooking we made meringues. We turned on the mixer on by pressing a switch. The meringues tasted nice.

We celebrated Robbie Burn’s birthday by making tartan patterns using lots of different colours.

We all collected pennies and then put them onto a map of Haiti. All the money got sent to help the people in Haiti.

The week before Valentine’s Day we were very busy making special cards for our mums and dads. We put them into envelopes, stuck down a stamp and then posted them into a letterbox. Our mums and dads got a lovely surprise!

Dougie the Drummer came to visit each class. We really enjoyed the rhythm of the drums and the angel chimes.   [nggallery id=3]

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