October 2009

This term some of the class enjoyed a block of riding at RDA, where they are building a new extension.


We all enjoyed being part of the MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)celebrations in September.  The whole school was involved creating banner using hand and feet prints and then everyone enjoyed being part of a fun dance session.


As part of ‘Our Community’ theme we enjoyed exploring the items that a policeman has and some of us were brave enough to sit in the police car.  We have stopped to say ‘hello’ to the same policeman while out and about in Tranent.


Kate Triscott our school nurse also showed us what she had in her special bag, we had fun squeezing different objects and getting bandaged up. 


As autumn arrived we enjoyed making bread, feeling, smelling, touching and tasting the different ingredients.  We used the bread we made to make our toast for snack time.  We also tasted lots of different toppings for our bread and used ‘talking mats’ to record what we thought of these toppings.


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