April 2009

We finished our transport topic display by glueing and painting model cars and aeroplanes, they look good on our 3D display along with our papier mache hot air balloons and junk boats!




Our topic culminated in a trip on the number 26!  We waited very patiently at the bus stop and then enjoyed our trip looking out the window and pushing the bell to stop the bus at the end!




We have been thinking about Springtime and Easter and took part in the whole school Recycled Easter Bonnet Parade!  We painted our ‘bonnets’ and added some flowers before parading around the playground.  We’ve also been making easter nests in cooking and making our own music with cheeping birds on our interactive whiteboard.  We have even planted our own Sunflowers which shot up very quickly!  We’re hoping they’ll be strong enough to plant outside soon!




As the weather has been getting warmer we’ve been enjoying cycling outside, exploring the new daffodils, grass and splashing in the watertray. 

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