March 2012

The last couple of months we have begun to focus on the Olympics and the Paralympics.

We had a visit from the real Paralympic torch!  The torch came to visit us in our classrooms and we then helped to pass it on around the main school in a big procession.  We were all able to be torch bearers for a little while!

We had a special focus on the Paralympics and took part in various sports activities throughout the week.  At the end we had a medal ceremony in the courtyard and invited parents and carers in to see us getting our medals.

As part of the whole school topic of the Olympics we chose a country to study.  The Hub chose India and we’ve had great fun exploring the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India!

We finished off our topic by visiting the local Indian restaurant in Tranent.  Mr Ali was very generous and prepared a big feast for us to taste lots of different foods.  You can see the photos of that visit here.

Take a look at our photos from the Paralympic week and from our studies on India below.  [nggallery id=39]

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