May 2013

We have been busy enjoying the school grounds and getting outside when the weather allows.  We started by going outside and enjoying the school grounds and then doing a litter pick up round the school and in the local area.  We did lots of sorting out of the rubbish to take to the recycle bins. We have been emptying the compost bins into the big school compost bin.  We enjoyed a local walk with Roger the Ranger down at the Heugh.  Roger found lots of different plants for us to smell and touch.  Towards the end of our walk all we could hear were the birds singing, which was a fantastic sound.  Then we decided to plant a Buddleia, which would encourage the butterflies.  Some of the pupils in P6 came to help us with the planting.  We have also been involved with a sensory walk.  That is were we use photos to find different areas within the school grounds and when we get there we have a package to open with different items related to the photos e.g mint in the planter has items that smell of mint,flower beds has pictures of flowers and flowers we can handle.  We are hoping on a nice sunny afternoon to have a picnic with some of our friends from P6.
Enjoying the school grounds and a nature walk on PhotoPeach

Planting in the school garden on PhotoPeach

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