Help Our World

Mrs Macniven and her 4th grade have been learning about John Muir and his connections to the USA. They have also been embracing his spirit of conservation by exploring environmental Issues and writing opinion essays about them in the Help Our World Challenge.

Thanks to Mrs Lima at Law Primary School who came up with this wonderful idea for primary 5 as one of the key learning tasks in the John Muir Award! Click the link below to find out more.


Invention Convention Stateside

In Science we have been learning about Magnets and Magnetism. We applied our learning to design Inventions…

Fun at the Fiesta Book Fair

The Book fair arrived at Sandy Ridge this week with a definite fiesta flair. All classes get to preview for 30 mins and then they shop for books at another time. It created quite a buzz in the media centre.

Pirates Ahoy Me Hearty

In social studies 4th grade have been learning about the famous pirates who sailed the seas around the coasts of North Carolina between 1690 and 1720, including Blackbeard himself. Click the link below to find out more…


Getting to grips with Geometry

The maths focus at the moment is Geometry which includes learning about:

  • Lines – points/rays/lines and line segments
  • perpendicular/parallel and intersecting lines
  • Angles in polygons and circles
  • Measuring angles in polygons
  • Types of triangles
  • but most of all looking at how these properties are related and help us to classify shapes.

Students then applied their learning to design treasure maps:

Learning from each other…

We used knowledge we already have in things that we are interested in to teach others:

Tornadoes and Testing

Third, fourth and fifth grade have been having a very busy week with End of Grade practice testing in Reading and Maths. It takes over TWO hours to complete the test, the children have to show their work in a booklet, then put all their answers into a bubble sheet. There are 44 questions in each paper., The school goes into silent mode for this whole time and no other classes are able to make any noise.

We also had a Torando drill today (Friday) as this can be an issue in this part of the United states.


Belated Valentines Day

All staff and students returned to school today after leaving last Tuesday at 10.30 am. Valentines Day is quite a big deal in schools here, so we had a little belated celebration today in which the children made and exchanged cards and lots of gifts of candy….

Click on the link below to find out more…..

valentines day

Winter Storm brings the Carolinas to a Standstill…

Well the winter storm caused chaos here in North Carolina, the entire Carolinas shut down, schools and businesses were closed and nobody was walking or driving around, it was like a ghost town everywhere.

Snow like this is rare here so the children were very excited. Lessons went ahead using class websites, and schools will be opened during the Easter holidays to make up for lost time,which is normal procedure here.

Click on the NBC news clip below and around 2 mins 55 secs Mrs Macniven and her class are rushing to the school buses.



In the clip below children from Sandy Ridge are seen enjoying the snow and their parents share their views on the unusual weather. You can also see the  local town of Waxhaw.

Fox news


click on the photo below to see more snow photos.

snow ballantyne


Winter Storm Sweeps In Again!

The UK is not alone in dealing with bad weather this month…..North Carolina is experiencing some of the lowest temperatures and most snow they have seen  for decades! Schools have had delayed starts….by 2 hours, early releases and whole days off because of snow and freezing rain.

This is very unusual here and has caused a lot of excitement amongst the children. So many of them have been learning at home using  class web sites to continue their lessons, as they have large practice exams……a little like prelims… two weeks!

Strangely the temperature was in the high 60s last weekend and the sun was blazing down… Higher temperatures will return by the end of the week.

Winter storm  Yellow bus convoyNC news and weather2