North Carolina Calling!

Howdy everyone at Law Primary and especially all primary 5 pupils from last year. I hope you are are settling into primary 6 with your new teachers.

A special hello to all my friends and colleagues at Law and welcome to Mrs Wareham your new headteacher. I am of course missing you all but enjoying my American adventure with all its new challenges and opportunities.

The pupils or students as they are called here, do not start until Monday 27th August but I will meet my new class and all the parents at “Open House” on Friday this week ,when all the parents and children come into school to settle in and get used to things, and to ask any questions about their worries for next year.

I am hoping to be chatting with you this year on the web log and my class I know will really enjoy finding out about all the similarities and differences in our schools and in our lives. I am also hoping to share lots of videos and photos and work we are doing here.

The biggest difference so far is that the weather has not been below 75 degrees since I arrived nearly 3 weeks ago and I have never felt cold which has been wonderful. But we do get some horrendous rain and thunderstorms!

So I will sign off for now and look forward to catching up with all of you soon!