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Howdy everyone! We lost touch with you there for a while due to technical glitches but hopefully we have re established a link now.

I cannot believe that it has been nearly 3 months since I arrived here. I have definitely got into a routine now after getting used to a lot of changes and new ways of doing things. One great thing is the weather is still in the high 70s and went into the 80s today which is so bizarre…a bit different from at home. It has meant that we have been able to travel a lot at the weekend and where we live, near Charlotte, it is 2 hours to the beach and 2 hours to the Smoky/Blue Ridge mountains which has been great to explore.

My class will be sharing information about their lives and things that they are interested in starting next week. They are also making short videos of their lives here to share with you.



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  1. My name is Megan Rink, I am nine years old. ( I will be ten in January!) Like Mrs. Macniven, I am new to the school. I have recently moved from Klamath Falls, Oregon. I have my mom, my dad and two very,very, annoying brothers.(not kidding!) Oregon is very different from North Carolina, for example, in Oregon, my town was super,super small. In Waxhaw,we are very close to many places and shops that I would have to drive several hours just to go.My class is learning all about Scotland, as well as doing map work of the UK, USA,and Europe. Many of us think the shape of the UK looks a little bit funny.We made paper kilts, drew a Scottish piper, and learned what Haggis is made of.(Lots of us really don’t like the ingredients. Yuck! Sheep stomach!) My mom will video me playing soccer and I will introduce you to my team. I hope you enjoy learning about our culture because we enjoy learning about yours. Hope you,all of you will enjoy our video. Your American friend, Megan…

    • Hi my name is Charlotte Blair Savage I am nine years old I have two brothers Taylor who is eighteen & Chandler who is 16. They go to Marvin Ridge High School. When I finish elementary school I will go to Marvin Ridge Middle School before I go to High School. My brother Taylor is a senior on the Marvin Ridge Varsity Football Team.
      Every Friday night at the High School all the families and friends have a tail gate which means we have dancing, eating, talking and catching up with each other, kids are playing and having lots of fun. Ten minutes before the game starts we buy our tickets and then go and sit in the stand to watch the game. Just before the games starts we do the national anthem and the guy in the press box says “ Here are your Marvin Ridge Mavericks” and the mascot of the team is a Maverick. Four cheer leaders hold a flag and the other cheer leaders hold the logo and they all run round the entire field with them. My brother Taylor is number 22 and plays defence.
      I am a cheerleader and I go to Charlotte All stars and have been going for a year. We practice 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. My friend Kinsley in my class comes with me. We are going to make a video of our practice to share with you.

  2. Happy Halloween to all the pupils in North Carolina!! We are all excited about going out guising tonight and ‘trick or treating’! It is a cold and wet night but hopefully it won’t spoil our fun! What do you do tonight? Do you visit other people’s houses like us? We have pumpkins now, a tradition all the way from America, but when Mrs Borthwick was our age she had to carve out and carry a turnip!

  3. Hello from P6B at Law Primary School, North Berwick, Scotland! Our weblog is up and running again and we are looking forward to catching up with all your news. We were really interested in your Presidential elections and enjoyed learning all about it from the website that Mrs Macniven sent us. We were also wondering if you could tell us all a bit more about Thanksgiving? Here we are counting down the weeks till our Christmas holidays now, 4 weeks, and we are busy learning all our Scottish Country Dancing for our party. Hope to here from you all soon!

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