USA Calling!

Hello everyone. Well it looks like the blog is back to normal? We have tried to add a lot of photos and our work and it looks like it is on the blog from this end and then it disappears. We are so disappointed as we have so much to share!

Anyway let`s hope we can get connected to each other now……. We cannot believe that it is nearly Christmas. We have just had a holiday last week for Thanksgiving and my class will tell you all about that. I was very spoilt as parents cooked a full blow Thanksgiving meal for me and brought into school for my lunch, and it was delicious.

Before that we had Halloween which is HUGE over here. Everyone dresses up and goes out Trick or Treating and I mean everyone…including lots of parents. They don`t just wear costumes, they dress their houses up as well with huge spiders and cobwebs crawling all over them and gigantic ghosts floating over the roofs etc. very spooky!

My class have been learning about lots of Scottish stuff, including Guy Fawkes and bonfire night which they found very interesting and very strange. We will be learning about St Andrews Day this week and also learning Scottish country dancing which is completely new to them.

We are having a joint American/Scottish class party as well in which we combine the kind of things we do at home at our parties and what they do here. So cannot wait for that.

The weather had been cooler the past few days and raining which we have hardly seen in the past four months, but it does often go back up to about 67 degrees by the afternoon, which is very strange.

Christmas preparations begin in the middle of November here and there are Christmas tress everywhere and Christmas music playing all over the place and I thought we started early at home!

Well, that was just a snapshot of life across the Atlantic Ocean and my class will give you lots more information here so lets hope we can keep in touch now!


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  1. So last week we had Thanksgiving, it is always the last Thursday in November. We do this every year because the first Pilgrims landed in Plymouth on the Mayflower and they sailed from England. (1621). They had a very hard first winter, at least half became sick and died. The following spring a native american Indian tribe called the Wampanoag befriended and introduced themselves and the Pilgrims were surprised. He taught them the right way to plant corn and catch fish. He also taught them how to hunt and grow other crops too. At the the end of a plentiful harvest, the Pilgrims invited him and their tribe – 90 in all- to a great feast on their ” street” – there was only on street in their makeshift colony. the feast consisted of fish, eel, scallops, clams, crab, wild turkey of course, deer, corn and many things that they had grown and harvested themselves. The pilgrims were worried that there would not be enough food so the native American Indians went hunting and brought back 5 deer.
    The feast lasted for 3 days and we have a 3 day holiday even today. They celebrated together and made peace which lasted over 50 years.

  2. I really liked the halloween houses i really liked the graveyard one i liked the giant spider what do you do at halloween over in america?

  3. Hi i think the hallween houses are really cool. The one with the giant spider is epic. The ginger bread houses must have taken ages.

  4. Dear Mrs Macniven,
    I hope that you remember me, this is Emily from your last class in Law Primary. How are things in America? How was your first thanksgiving!? I absaloutely love those halloween decorations that your pupils have put up on the weblog! They look amazing! Please can you reply as soon as possible. (ASAP)
    Yours Sincerly,
    Emily xxx

  5. Thanks Megan for your very interesting comment and background information on Thanksgiving! We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. We don’t have any holidays in November but some schools in Scotland have St Andrew’s Day off but we don’t. We are counting down to our Christmas holidays now, less than 3 weeks to go! We are starting to get our first snow around East Lothian now and so it makes it feel a bit more wintery! Our P7s are having their Christmas Fair on Friday and so we are also looking forward to that too! Yours looked amazing! Great to hear about your lives and history!

  6. Dear Emily and all pupils in primary 6 and 7, of course I remember you all, how could I possibly forget you! Thank you for keeping in touch with us. it is great to hear what you are all getting up to back in Law Primary. My class are learning the Dashing White Sergeant for their Christmas party, just like a lot of you. It was a but tricky at first but they are really getting the hang of it now.We are all going a trip to see Charlotte`s Web on Thursday this week, even though it is only about a mile away, all the students will get a bus there because there are no pavements for us to walk safely on. There are 7 classes in fourth grade and about the same in fifth grade, so a lot of buses!

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