Thanksgiving Turkey Time…..

Hi my name is Isabella and I am going to tell you about our celebration of Thanksgiving.

This year for Thanks giving it was like any ordinary one, my cousins came over from Miami, Florida and there were 12 people. We woke up about 6am and then went outside on the trampoline just for fun. We all had breakfast at 7am and we had French toast. Then all played outside and about 6pm we our special dinner. We all sit round the table and it is decorated with fall (autumn) decorations like leaves and pumpkins.

We have a big meal with turkey of course, my Grandma has a special recipe called torta – she is from South America – it is kind of like pasta with cheese, we had mashed potatoes – a mixture of normal potatoes and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are an important part of the meal. We also had a gree bean, corn and pepper mixture, and we also have bread rolls. For dessert, the parents had red velvet cake, which is a red coloured sponge cake, with icing on top, with a chocolate flavor – the icing is cream cheese. The kids had roasted marshmallows and made smoors. Which is a sugary cracker with a roasted marshmallow on top and decorate it with chocolate sauce and another cracker on the top. It is delicious, you have to smush it and you get very messy. After dinner we went to our neighbours house to watch television and we watched X factor!

We always give thanks that we are all together as a family and that we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. It is a really important time of year for us, mostly because our families get together and we don`t get to do that often.

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  1. Welcome Isabella to our Law Primary Blog. It is great to hear about your Thanksgiving Celebration. I am going to try out your sweet potato and plain potato mash and I am sure Law Primary children would fancy a smoor which I have not heard of before. We look forward to hearing more about your life in America.

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