Happy Birthday Rabbie Burns from North Carolina!

For Auld Lang Syne ….and it sure was today in Mrs Macniven`s fourth grade class at Sandy Ridge! In true Scottish Spirit…this performance did prevail and the show did go on, as we were all told last night that the school was closing after a half day to incoming bad weather…….The event was scheduled for the afternoon but was moved at the last minute to the morning.

The pupils chose a famous Scot from history to learn more about as part of their historical fiction focus, and they then brought them to life through role play and drama in their presentations today. Famous Scots represented included …Robert Burns, William Wallace and other freedom fighters, Mary Queen of Scots, John Muir, a variety of Scottish Inventors including Alexander Graham Bell and Greyfriars Bobby.  The children had to literally become their character in order to successfully teach their audience.

Every student also learned a Scottish poem or part of one, off by heart, just like the pupils of the middle area at Law Primary. They sang Dark Island and were also joined but their parents and families singing Auld Lang Syne.

The performances were followed by a traditional procession and address to the haggis read by Mr Macniven, who was of course dressed in his full Scottish finery. The Selkirk Grace was read by Mrs Macniven before everyone got a chance to taste fine Scottish Fayre – haggis, neeps and tatties. This was the first time many of the children and guests had tasted traditional Scottish food and haggis was surprisingly popular!

The only shadow on the celebrations was a spoiled surprise for Mrs Macniven from the parents…. a Scottish piper coming in to join the celebrations, as unfortunately he was not able to come in the morning! Despite this small set back, everyone learned something about the history and traditions of Scotland today and much fun was had by all!



Scottish artist Jolomo

Fourth grade have been learning about the Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison and also creating their own interpretations of some of his work in oil pastel. They are going to share their learning and their masterpieces at an art exhibition in February.

Happy New Year!

Well the students returned to school on Wednesday 2nd January which was a bit of a shock for Mrs Macniven as she is used to having a few more days off! Everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed and raring to go with the new challenges and learning opportunities that lie ahead in 2013.

Planned events include A Scots Afternoon on Friday 25th January and an at exhibition on February. We are all looking forward to keeping in contact with you all this year.