Superbowl Mania! Go Ravens!

So why is the Superbowl so huge in the USA? Click the image to find out more…

Hi there I am Alex Laughlin and I am going to try and explain. The game is American football, they play every Sunday and sometimes on Mondays. the rules are similar to rugby but the players wear pads and guards to protect themselves. When it goes out of bounds we don`t throw it in ,the clock stops and the team who had the ball, still as the ball, unless it was 4th down….it gets complicated…sorry!

Rodger Gidell owns the NFL – National football league.He made it, he bought it, he made the rules. There are 32 teams, not all states take part. I do not know why they all do not have a team. the best teams are the Patriots from New England, the Ravens from Baltimore, the Steelers from Pittsburg and the San Francisco 49ers.

To get to the Superbowl, there are 7 teams in each division, they compete in the play offs. If a team loses they are out. The winners go to to Superbowl. It is kind of like your football division games.

This year it was the Ravens against the 49`ers and the Ravens won 31:34. It was kind of a good game. My team is the Panthers as they are from Carolina…but they are not very good:( The Superbowl started at 6pm on Sunday night 3rd February and ended at 8pm. There are 15 minute quarters, counting commercial breaks and time outs.

The Superbowl is a HUGE thing here, we have HUGE parties in our houses and get togethers. My grandparents were here so we ordered pizza. Not a lot of kids can watch a whole game though because it is school night! I watched till half time when the singer Beyonze sang and there was a big fancy show!.

So that was the Superbowl this year and it was XLVII – we use roman numerals because it has been going for a long time. Now we have to wait till next year!

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