Invention Convention Stateside!

Forth Grade embraced the long tradition in primary 6 of the Invention Convention. They have been learning about magnets and electrical circuits in Science and had to apply their learning to design inventions, which would make today’s lifestyle easier. They had to include schematic diagrams to show how their invention worked using buzzers, bulbs or motors.

They also collated data and created a graph to show which were the most popular inventions. The top three included a Snow Dome – as there is very little snow here and the children wish there was, a Home to Go invention which allows you to pack up your home and take it with you when you travel, and also a chore robot who does all your chores for you. A futuristic Teleporter phone gadget was also very popular.

Other inventions included a ruler that lights up so you can find it easily, a massage pencil, a mobile lunchbox, Blinginator., Flying TV, Pollution Sucker, Lake Filter, Jet Boots and Everlasting battery.

4 thoughts on “Invention Convention Stateside!

  1. Hi our names are Sully and Brayden. The invention convention was really fun, because we got to invent with our own imagination. My name is Brayden, and my invention was a plubmerine, it is a plane that can turn into a submerine and it comes with five free divers masks and gear,and five parachutes.

    My name is Sully and my invention was the robot chore machine, and it can clean your room and do your homework.

    There are some really good inventors in our classroom i really wish you could come and see them.

  2. hi my name is Kinsley and Lauryn . The invention convention was awsome.We got to make our own inventions. My invention was a lake filter, it goes into dirty water and that dirty warter is now clean.My invention is the Pocket Home you can put in your pocket. It may have been fun to make inventions but you had to explain how it works. Than people had to vote and who ever got the most votes won. We had lots of fun doing this and hopefuly one day you can do this to.Thanks for viewing our blog, BYE

  3. Invenion convention To law primary School

    Hi my name is Carter and my partner is T.J

    We did our own invention’s Carter’s invention is the flying T.V and T.J’s invention is the Ultra Massger.

    The flying T.V is a T.V that can fly. It has 5 D-cell batteries and 1,000 tiny motors.You have a remote that can change the T.V into an original T.V or flying,and you can make a pocket size T.V to with the remote ask carter if you want to ask more information.:)

    The Ultra Massger is an massager that you strap to your back and filp both switches beause the motors are seprated so flip both, if you mant a massage!:)

  4. Hi Mrs Macniven and 4th grade. Here in P6b we are starting a new project – Space and Energy. We are doing Energy first and then Space. We are also going to do an Invention Convention soon too. The pictures on your weblog comment looked really cool. Let’s hope our Invention Convention is just as good!

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