Reading in Forth Grade

How does reading compare in the classrooms of Sandy Ridge Elementary and Law Primary school?

We have just finished a unit on Historical Fiction. Texts that we read included Ruby Bridges, Rose Blanche, Pink and Say and Clara`s Freedom Quilt. All of which focus on important issues in history e.g holocaust and World War II, Slavery, Civil Rights and Civil War. The focus has been on comparing different texts on the same theme, characters and how they think, feel and act in response to key events and what this tells us about them. Telling a story from a different perspective, focusing on the who, what, why, when where of a story, and the setting, finding evidence in the text of the particular period in time, including language used. Picture books are used to discuss lots of deeper issues and then   children go and read their chapter books focusing on the same issues in their own texts.


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  1. I am reading ‘Horrible Histories Barmy British Empire’ by an author called Terry Derry who has done lots of other Horrible Histories. Horrible Histories Barmy British Empire is an information book about the British Empire. The books are not boring because it has lots of funny cartoons like how to sell slaves. It is based in the 1800s in Victorian times so I am reading it for are topic.

  2. I have read ‘Sweep’s Boy’ by Jim Eldridge. ‘Sweep’s Boy’ is about a boy named William Read who at first lives and works in a horrible factory. Will helps a little girl who is being bullied but then Will has to climb up a brick wall to escape. Will gets away but then gets a job as a sweeps boy but suddenly everything goes bad as he has to participate in an act of crime. ‘Sweep’s Boy’ is a really good book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone over 8 years old.

  3. I am reading “Mill girl” by Sue Reid at the moment. I am reading it because it’s set in Victorian times and we are doing Victorians as our project this term. Mill girl is about a girl who is called Eliza she is sent to work in a mill things are hard for her so she tries to escape. I am really enjoying this book because it is interesting and engaging.
    My favourite book that I am reading is called “Lilly Alone” by Jacqueline Wilson. I really like reading Jacqueline Wilson books because there interesting and I can’t put the book down. I wonder have you ever heard of or read Jacqueline Wilson books.

    I have read this book and I enjoyed it .It’s about 4 cows that go back in time to help Queen Victoria and Prince Albert the cows are going back to save them from a evil cow that want’s to destroy that wants to destroy the great Exhibition .BY: Steve Cole the creator of Astrosaurs.

  5. I have read ‘The Sweeps Boy’ by Jim Eldridge because it is set in Victorian times and Victorians is our project. ‘The Sweeps Boy’ is about a boy called Will who lives in a workhouse but then gets bought by a man who makes him be a chimney sweep even though it was aligal, it is set in the 1970s. I really liked ‘The Sweeps Boy’ because it is really exciting and it makes you want to keep reading.

  6. The Victorian book I was reading was “Work house by Pamela Oldfield”. It’s in a my story series and they not all by the same author. It is about a girl who is called Edith who lives in a wealthy home. Her mother helps people in a work house, a place people go and stay if they don’t want to live on the streets. People would often die in a workhouse and there were lots of deaths in this book. Edith finds a girl called Rosie and a sudden liking to her. Rosie is trouble, she hates the workhouse and often causes mischief. It all turns well in the end and I would recommend it to people of all age groups.

  7. I am reading ‘Young Nanny’ by Frances Mary Hendry I’m not that far in the book but what I have read so far is really good it’s about a young girl called Lily Hicks, who has left her home to work for a rich Victorian family who has their friends to stay and with Mister Edgar about the place there is always mischief. It is set as a diary and the way they speak seems like it is not making sense but when you read it out loud it helps.

    Recently I have just read ‘Hetty Feather ‘ by Jacqueline Wilson it’s about a young girl who has been dumped by her mother at the Founling Hospital as a baby and was taken away from her real mother later on that day she was taken to a foster family with another boy called Gideon she lived with that family until she was 5 and was taken back to the hospital and has caused mayhem ever since I would recommend it to girls aged 8 upward it was a really good book .

  8. I am reading ‘Hetty Feather’ by Jacqueline Wilson. I am reading Hetty feather because it is a Victorian book and our topic is Victorians. Hetty feather is about a girl called Hetty when she was abandoned as a baby by her mother and then went to a lovely home with another boy Gideon. After the 5 years with the family she went to a foundling hospital. Hetty feather is a Victorian book because it is set in the 1870’s. It is the first book of a trilogy and the second book is sapphire Battersea and the third book is emerald star.

  9. I am reading ‘Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud’ by Andrew Lane. I recommend that you read it. It’s very exciting about young Sherlock Holmes who is 14 years old and moves to his aunt and uncle house in London at Victorian times. He finds that there is a mystery about two dead bodies found in a forest. There is a trilogy, the second book is called Red Leech and the third book is Black Ice.

  10. I am reading ‘The Barmy British Empire’ by Terry Deary. I chose this book because it looked interesting and had good illustrations. The book tells you about the British Empire and it has lots of facts in it. There are no main characters in the book. I enjoyed this book because it was funny and it taught me things about the past that I didn’t know before.

  11. We are doing Victorians for a topic and I read the Victorian book Oliver Twist in a play version. I enjoyed it and I enjoyed reading about the characters in the book. It is about poor little Oliver whose mum died giving birth to him. A woman in the mansion stole a broche off Oliver’s dead mum so Oliver had no is quite sad but has a happy ending (sort of). Oliver gets into all sort of trouble and pain witch you will find out if you read it. It is called (if you want to get it ): Star Plays Oliver Twist.
    The book I am reading is called Harry Potter (I finished Oliver Twist) and the Half Blood Prince. I don’t know if you have read Harry Potter but it is really good! If you have not read Harry Potter it is about a boy called Harry who is a wizard and gets into loads of awesome adventures but read Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.
    This is the order of Harry Potter:
    1. The philosophers stone
    2. The chamber of secrets
    3. The prisoner of Azkaban
    4. The goblet of fire
    5. The order of the phoenix
    6. The half-blood prince
    7. The deathly hallows

  12. Charles Dickens
    I am reading Charles Dickens. It’s a book filled with loads of story’s that Charles Dickens wrote, but put into shorter versions. Including a Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and lots more. The author is called Valerie Wilding. I highly recommend this book if you like pickpockets, escaped convicts and chain-rattling ghosts.

  13. I am reading Horrible History’s and the book that I am reading from Horrible History’s is ‘Barmy British Empire’. I picked this book because it is funny and it is Victorian. The Author of the book is Terry Deary and it is illustrated by Martin Brown.

  14. I have just read “The Sweeps Boy” which is just one of the lots of different “my story” books. The book is by Jim Eldridge. I read it because it is set in Victorian times and our topic this term is the Victorians. The main character in this book is a boy called Will Reed. Will starts off in a workhouse but after an incident where he bit a bully’s thumb he got hired by a man called Griffin who thinks Will is a good climber. I really liked “The Sweeps Boy” because it has lots of action. I would recommend this book highly to boys from 8-12.

  15. We are doing Victorians as our topic just now I read a Victorian book called Sweeps Boy by Jim Eldridge it is about an orphan called Will who lives in a workhouse. He escapes and gets into lots of trouble but he finds some friends that help him along the way. I think you should read this book because it is very good and not too long.

  16. I am reading ‘Young Nanny’ by ‘Frances Mary Hendry’ I am enjoying it a lot so far but I’ve still got quite a bit to read but I think it is a great book but the language is very confusing and poor.

  17. I am reading the ‘Sweeps Boy’ by Jim Eldridge. I recommend this book because it is set in Victorian times and that is our project right now. It is about a boy called will and he is a sweeps boy who lives in a workhouse. He does not have a mum or a dad so he is an orphan. He gets put in jail and then runs away and has to live on top of factory roof with other young children around his age. Some of them work to get money and some stay on the roof.

  18. I am reading ‘Coster Girls & Mudlarks’ By Belinda Hollyer. It is about a man called Henry Mayhew’s interviews. Henry Mayhew was the first person in Victorian times to actually go and interview someone. I am reading it because it is about Victorian times and that is our topic. Henry Mayhew interviewed people who worked (and sometimes lived too) in the streets.

  19. Thursday 7th March is World Book Day and everyone at Law Primary has been given a book token worth £1 which can be put towards any book in the book shops. Eight books have been printed especially for World Book Day and you can exchange your token for one of these books.
    The middle area had a Bless the Books Day for assembly with each class talking about their favourite books. Roald Dahl continues to be a favourite with Primary 5 who have been busy with a Roald Dahl Reading Challenge. Some children are reading Harry Potter and hope to become Word Millionaires very soon.. The favourite genre in the Middle Area seems to be humour, adventure and animal stories. Jaqueline Wison remains a favourite with the girls.
    Mrs Baillie

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