Scottish High Tea

Last Friday 8th February, all the fourth grade teachers had High Tea with a Scottish twist, along with a very select group of 7 pupils. This was a prize offered at the Winterfest in December and it lasted an hour in Mrs Macniven`s room, where traditional foods were enjoyed, along with  Scottish themed games and an impromptu dance performance by Mrs Macniven and two of the pupils in her class. The pupils also selected appropriate head wear for all of the teachers to wear to mark the occasion.

2 thoughts on “Scottish High Tea

  1. Hi my name is Braxton and my partner is Jed. Please note that Braxton was not with me at the time and is not telling the story. During the Scottish high tea Sarah, Mrs.Macniven, the other 4th grade teachers(Primary 5 teachers), & me with some other students had quite the treat! We had High Tea! There were sandwiches, coke (an american fizzy drink that we call soda.),(please note that Braxton said lucky!) We did one Scottish dance. It was lots of fun!

  2. Hello Law Primary School!!!!!!! Our names are Sarah and Megan.
    On February 8th, Mrs.Macniven held a high tea for fourth grade (Primary 5) teachers and certian students. We danced, had tea and biscuits, and the teachers wore silly scottish hats! We even played Couthie Pairs!
    We have a question for you. How often do you have a high tea?
    Thanks for reading our post!
    -Sarah and Megan 🙂

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