Fabulous Fractions

Fourth grade have been learning about fractions for the past month and today they played a game they made themselves ordering fractions, identifying equivalent fractions and using the landmark numbers of O – 1/2, 1/2 – 1 and 1 – 2. Take a look…..


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Fractions

  1. Hi Mrs Macniven and class, in maths we are doing dividing, multiplication, adding and subtraction on decimals. We use textbooks and sheets then we do a test to check how we are getting on, I find it easy and understand it but sometimes it’s tricky. I find fractions tricky and hard so I hope you are good at it.

  2. In maths we are right now we are doing long multiplication and it is hard if you don’t write it down properly but it is easy when you do. We did decimals and fractions a few months ago I think I am ok at doing decimals and fractions. I hope you are enjoying doing them!

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