Rocks and Minerals

Fourth grade have just finished their Science project on Rocks and Minerals in which they learn a lot of the same things that primary 7 do at home in the Structure of the earth project. They all chose an area they were interested to research further and then presented this to the class. They worked hard and wanted to share what they did.

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  1. LILY, hi my name is LILY and I`m going to tell you about my rocks and minerals project. Well I did my project on Glaicers. To me they are very interesting.
    ELIZABETH- Hi my name is Elizabeth… I did my project on a gemstone called Aquamarine. This gem is my birthstone(March). I really enjoyed looking at everyone elses project too. My project was a poster board.
    LILY-my project was a powerpoint(a power point is a digital slideshow). Here is a fact… Glaciers move about 3 feet per year.
    ELIZABETH- Here is also a facts all about Aquamarine. Aquamarine is known as a Lava Gem, but also as known as the Gem Of The Sea. The deeper the blue in the Aquamarine the more valuble it is.
    ELIZABETH and LILY- Thank you for viewing our blog
    Sincerly, Lily and Elizabeth 🙂

  2. Will:
    For my science project I did soil layers. I made a model of all five soil layers and did a sheet that could help people follow a long and learn more about the five main soil layers.
    I did caves for my project. I did a power point that taught people about how caves are formed,caves in the world,types of caves, And about a cave in virginia were I used to live its called Loray caverns.

  3. Hi Law Primary it’s Alex and Asher here to talk about science!!!

    Hey everybody, it’s Asher here telling you that time is running out! The Yellowstone Supervolcano is due to erupt in 5000 years, OH NO!!!! Anyway, I’m Asher and for my project I talked about, BIG EVENTS THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF EVOLUTION! 😀

    Hi, my name is Alex and I talked about the different layers of The Grand Canyon. There are 9 layers and did you know it is still forming! In 5000 years the canyon will be half the size of Tenesse!! WOW! And it snows there!?!? 😀

    Hello, it’s Asher again! Unfortunately by then The Grand Canyon will be filling in with lava! Now let’s talk about the creatures that lived in the last Ice Age like the Cave Lion, The Mammoth, and of course the famed Scrat. (Ice Age Movies)

    Hi it’s Alex! For my project I also built a demonstration. I poured water into a model of the Grand Canyon and over night in formed!

    Well that’s all the time we have today. Fun talking to you! Bye! 😀

  4. Hello Law Primary School. Our names are Lillian and Lyndsey and we are going to tell you about our rocks and minerals projects. Me (Lyndsey) did birthstones. Fun Fact- did you know that the main birthstone of June ,Pearl is not a mineral because it is organic? Me (Lillian) did SALT!!!!!!!. Fun Fact- did you know that salt is made of Haltic crystals? Well we have to go so bye!

  5. Hey,Danniella again!!!
    For my science I did birthstones. I learned that birthstones can be found all over the world

    Hello, it is Maddi again. My science project was all about volcanoes. I heard that you have a dormant volacno behind your school!!!! Please tell us about it. Did you know that the worlds largest active volcano is in the USA?
    from your american friends,

  6. Hi my name is Kaycie and my project was about Geodes and Gemstones. I did a board game with trivia guestions and with rocks for bonus points! There was also a BIG geode in the middle for the prize at the end of the game for the person that wins! (But they don’t really take it home.)here are some facts: Geode means shape of the earth, there is a color changing stone. Hi my name is Charlotte Blair & my project was about BIRTHSTONES and there months,also I did a quiz and some facts like :June has 4 bitrthstones:the Moonstone,Smokey Quartz,& the pearl & the Alexandrite.

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