Scottish Highland Festival

Mr and Mrs Macniven are very excited as they have been given passes to attend a very special Scottish Event near where they live in Charlotte North Carolina. Click on the picture to find out more….

5 thoughts on “Scottish Highland Festival

  1. Hi Mrs Macniven and Grade 4,
    I hope you have a really good time at the Rural Hill highland games and it makes you think of us! The testing in America sounds really long and I suddenly like our tests! In maths we have just finished decimals and we are doing our assessment now. Our topic this month is energy and space. I think space will be much more fun than energy. The weather is just starting to warm up but it’s really windy.

  2. Hi Mrs Macniven and 4th Grade
    I really hope you enjoy the Rural hill festival and it makes you feel at home. We are going to have our Highland games in August . We have just finished Victorians and now we are doing space and energy. In maths we have been doing decimals and last night we got really hard decimal sheet. Your EOG test sounds really hard and I hope it goes well. Our weather has been great but really windy I nearly got blown over yesterday that was the wrong day to bring my basketball April is supposed to be rainy but it’s the opposite .

  3. I hope Mr and Mrs Macniven have a great time at the Scottish festival. I have never been to America but Rural Hill looks really fun. The pictures in North Carolina look cool, especially the heavy athletics and the kids zone.

  4. Hey guys I saw about the highland festival and decided to tell you a little about the one here in rainy horrible miserable Scotland spring. We have a raffle or tombola and people wear kilts or tartan other stuff. It is really fun and you can buy food there. Then all the awesome highland games start for example throwing the hammer (people try to throw a cannon ball on a chain the farthest) or tossing the caber (people try to throw a huge log the farthest). I really enjoy the highland games and hope you do too.

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