Creature Feature

Fourth Grade are learning about Animal Adaptions as part of their Science project. They have been using the website SwitcherooZoo to research really unusual animals with a focus on how they are adapted to their habitats.

They also created fictional creatures on the website, selecting elements of the bodies of four different creatures, gave themĀ appropriateĀ names and wrote poems about them.

Mother`s Day with UK Twist

Sunday May 12th was Mothering Sunday here in the USA and we decided to bring a UK element to the special occasion. We decorated cards and photo frames in the theme of “Tea for Two”. The children were very proud of their hard work.

International Bazaar at Marvin Ridge High School

On Monday 29th of April, Mrs Macniven and her 4th grade class were invited to attend the annual International event at the local High School. The pupils dressed in tartan and performed the Dashing White sergeant every half an hour throughout the evening. Mr and Mrs Macniven also had a table sharing lots of information about Scotland. There were 29 countries represented on the night.Bazaar MAP FINAL

Field Day Fun

On Thursday May 2nd the whole of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, 21 classes had their annual Field day. Completely different from our Sports Day. There were 20 different events, many of them involved water and getting very wet and we all rotated around every event all day. it was great fun but the weather did let us down.

Temperatures are normally in the 90s in May but we have a freak weather system around at the moment with lots of rain and temperatures in the mid 60s, so there were quite a lot of cold children on the day. The weather did not spoil the fun factor though.