St Andrews Day celebration

Fourth Grade learned about the importance of St Andrews and they celebrated the day by inviting their parents into class and reciting the Scottish themed poems they had written, as well as also sharing what they had learned about these topics. They also tried Irn Bru and had shortbread, which were very popular.

We celebrated it early because the school is closed over Thanksgiving and we would not have been able to celebrate on the actual day.

St Andrews Day

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    Clouds in the sky
    United we stand
    The Saltire flies high
    Above us folks of Scotland.
    Our National Emblem
    As November comes to end
    Saint Andrew of Scotland
    Will rise again.
    The Battle of the Celts
    In 832 AD
    In Athelstaneford
    Scotland is me.
    By Emily Murray, p6a

  2. What does the flag mean to me
    By Rebecca
    I love to see the bright flag fly
    In 832AD it saved the day
    I like to say hooray
    For the Patron Saint
    Saint Andrew died on a cross
    Unfortunately he came to his loss
    The day of the battle I wish I was there
    To see the cross in the sky
    Flying up high
    This is what I never forgot
    This is what makes me a proud Scott

    In the sky Christian countries
    The bible tells St Andrew’s cross
    The church has a saltire Scotland’s flag
    It is really high on the churches wall in the church
    The last day of November has been observed

  4. The Saltire
    Angus mc Fergus’s army clashed with the force of Angles and Saxons
    They fought and fought and loads fell
    But finally they saw it in the sky the Saltire
    They prayed and prayed to win and in the end they did
    Then St Andrew was thanked and presented as patron saint of Scotland.
    Now you see the flag a lot painted on the sports fans face.
    The Scottish flag is a white cross on a blue background.
    Now we remember Affelston Ford where the battle was fought

  5. St Andrew the patron saint
    On the 30th of November
    Its time to remember
    St Andrew the patron saint

    The clash of Angus Mac Fergus
    With a force of Angles and Saxons
    In 832ad

    Encouraged by the sight
    Of the saltire in the sky
    The Scots and Pics won

    And that’s why I am proud to be Scottish
    By Isla

  6. The Saltire
    Scotland’s flag
    The saltire
    Appears in the sky in the year 832ad
    Now what were the colours again?
    Died on a cross
    Resembled his army Angus mac Fergus
    Emblem appears in the sky
    Why I love being a Scottish
    Doh I forgot, oh yeah this is a Latin saying here it is
    Andrea Scotis Dux Esto Compatrios
    Yes finaly I remember the colours on the flag are blue and white

  7. I’ll always be a Scotsman

    A white cross in the sky, glowing against the blue
    People saw it again and again on November 30th
    Our fisherman saint Andrews who we will never forget oh saint Andrews you’ll always be shining above. You’re a patron for here and in heaven to.
    But that won’t make things change you’ll always Have the saltire and the cross in your soul forever Scotland!

    St Andrew became the Patron of Scotland, A memorial stands in the churchyard of Athelstan, Long ago this all happened, The white cross and the blue background, In the peaceful sky, Remember this poem for it is important, Everybody who is Scottish should be proud.

    By Amy & Eve

  9. For he is our patron.
    In 832AD Angus Mac Fergus clashed with Athelstan.

    A white cross in the sky helped the Scots win and fill with pride.

    Its blue, its white, it flies above, its Scotland’s biggest love. It makes me happy to be a Scot.

    And that’s what Scotland means to me.

    For St Andrew is Scotland’s patron, and his cross is our flag so he will never be forgot. And people still remember the battle of St Andrew’s cross.

  10. My flag.
    Angus Mac Fergus, high king of Alba,
    Lead the Scots and Picts to battle,
    St Andrew`s cross appeared in the sky,
    So they won the battle aganst the Angles and Saxons.

    It was in Athelstaneford where the battle took place,
    30th of November when it started, we won.

    Come and see why I love it so,
    Night and Day it will always be there.

  11. The flag of the scots

    Scots the great at Athelstaneford loved and loved St Andrew. In 832 AD Angus Mc Fergus clashed with Angles and Saxons to protect his place Athelstane.

    At the end of the battle it was believed that they saw a with cross in the blue sky.
    That is how the Scotland flag was formed ,and today we still celebrate St Andrew.

  12. The Great Saltire

    As I see it flying high in the sky, it reminds me of the amazing land called Scotland. The blue and white glimmer in the light, St Andrew is our patron saint. In 832AD the cross appeared in the sky. If it didn’t appear the Picts wouldn’t have won. That’s why I love the the great Saltire flag.

  13. Saltire Poem
    in the sky with the clouds,
    flying high was a saltire,
    In 832ad Angus mac Fergus clashed with a force of saxons,
    Encouraged by the apperance of a white cross,
    In the blue sky,
    The scots won the battle and Picts,
    Thereafter Saint Andrew became the parton saint of Scotland.

  14. The Flag Of Scotland

    The emblem of Scotland is ST
    Andrews cross and ST Andrew
    Is the Patron Saint of Scotland.

    The cross is on our flag and it
    Forever will be because the spirit
    Of the cross will never die.

    What started out as a cloud is
    Now the most important thing to us

    By Jack Fergusson

  15. The Flag

    The flag itself found in Northumberland’s sky way, way up flying high.
    The flag is blue white as well with the cross from the day he fell
    But now we still celebrate that day the day st Andrew was slain

  16. Saltire poem
    The appearance in the blue sky above them of a white cloud. Blue and so the white of the wooden cross. They were battling for Scotland. Encouraged by the appearance of a white cross of Saint Andrew in the blue sky. By Daniel

  17. What the Scottish flag means to me
    The Scottish flag up in the sky
    Among the clouds it flies high
    We look upon it our jolly faces
    Thinking of Saint Andrew and
    Being proud that we our Scottish

    The bible tells us that Andrew
    Was a fisherman but is no more.
    For Christ took him as a disciple
    Part of the tradition is that Andrew
    Wore blue so against the white
    Wooden cross made the sight of our
    Scottish flag!

    By Orla.A

    Scotland’s flag is a Saltire
    And it appeared in Scotland
    Long ago St Andrew was in Galilee
    The Scottish people support Andrew as their Saint
    It was a flag [the cross]
    Remember St Andrew
    Everywhere people should where the Saltire in Scotland

  19. The great Scotland flag

    On the 30th of November the flag flies high
    The Saltire that is
    It flies high in the sky
    On the cross in Greece
    St Andrew would die
    And while Picts vs Angels and Saxons battle
    St Andrew will rise again.

    I am Scotland
    Scotland is me
    And I will love Scotland
    Wherever I may be.

    By Finlay , 6a

  20. St Andrew
    In 832AD St Andrew died on a diagonal cross in Greece he did not want to died on a cross because he thought he was not worthy to died like Jesus the sky with a white cross to celebrate the day that St Andrew died. They sailed to bury St Andrew then they crashed on a land and called it Scotland and I am proud of being Scottish.

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