6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rabbie Burns 2014

  1. Hi everyone at Sandy Ridge, just been watching and listening to your dancing and singing for your Burns Celebrations, it looks and sounds amazing!! We hope that you all enjoyed learning about our Scottish traditions. We are on holiday at the moment but finished last week with our P6 Ceilidh. We will send you more news about it when we are back at school next week.

  2. You looked like you really loved doing the Scottish Country Dancing! When we do our dancing, it’s very different. Everybody moans about their partners and how they are bored and people ALWAYS get the dance wrong (sometimes on purpose to look funny).You guys do it so neatly and act so polite to your partner, we are the opposite #LOL 
    We have to choose our partners but we always take ages so the teacher puts us with someone we don’t want to go with! The girls want it to be boys pick girls because if you choose someone then it looks like you have a crush on them! No one holds hands either- especially the girls! They all whine about getting ‘boy germs’! Everyone (boys) get upset when you make fun of them. #LOL
    From Emily and Carrie (Em and Caz for short)

  3. Well done!
    You guys sound much different to us.
    But that was brilliant!
    And your really good at Dancing cause we have 93 pupils dancing at once in P6
    plus we talk.

  4. You are such good singers! We sing much more different from you and your dancing is really good and fluent. I’m not sure we dance that well and where the ones from Scotland! Also the snow there is unbelievable we’ve only had few snowflakes this year. Here we only have one yellow bus, but by the looks of it you have thousands. What did you do in the snow?

  5. Hello, your dancing was good and your singing was great.
    Our singing and dancing was pretty good too!
    Our teacher said that you like singing and dancing and we thought our dancing was ok but it wasn’t the best. What did you do on your extra day off?
    From Cameron Nikita and Wil

  6. You have learnt a lot about Scotland, and definitely decorated your classroom well! Now all you have to do is learn to speak Scottish like this neb=nose, moose=mouse, coo= cow, oot= out. What do you say differently to us?
    We liked your Dark Island singing it sounded a lot different to us as you all sound more American. Your dancing was a lot better than ours as we normally mess about, you were also a lot more polite than us! Plus you seemed like you were enjoying it unlike us!
    What did you do when your school was cancelled? We had a holiday at that time so we were also off these are our favourite Xbox games Minecraft, just dance and total recall. 🙂

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