Winter Storm Sweeps In Again!

The UK is not alone in dealing with bad weather this month…..North Carolina is experiencing some of the lowest temperatures and most snow they have seen  for decades! Schools have had delayed starts….by 2 hours, early releases and whole days off because of snow and freezing rain.

This is very unusual here and has caused a lot of excitement amongst the children. So many of them have been learning at home using  class web sites to continue their lessons, as they have large practice exams……a little like prelims… two weeks!

Strangely the temperature was in the high 60s last weekend and the sun was blazing down… Higher temperatures will return by the end of the week.

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5 thoughts on “Winter Storm Sweeps In Again!

  1. Hope you are all safe in the snow and rain, we have been expecting snow here in North Berwick but none has appeared yet! We have also been avoiding all the terrible flooding which is affecting parts of England and Wales too. We are off on holiday just now and so enjoying some free time to ourselves. More news from us next week!

  2. You are so lucky that you have loads of snow because we have not had snow in months. We’ve just had are February holidays and are now enjoying are second week back at school. There has been loads of flooding in England and Wales and maybe Scotland. What did you do when you were off school?

  3.  You stole all our snow because you got loads and we got none last time we got snow was 2 years ago . The last time our school was shut for snow was 3 or 4 years ago!!!. In the half term we had a sleepover together and we watched Olympus has Fallen, which is about a terrorist attack on the white house and a man tried to save it! it was great. did you have snowball fights in the snow? we would have loved to.
    From Jack and james

  4. Hi this is Rebecca and Gemma from Law primaryschool WOW that’s a lot of snow.You are so lucky to have so much snow, we got a few snow showers but it just melted when it touched the ground. We had really thick snow about two –three years ago. You are so lucky you got to miss school. How long were you of for? Did you ever get stuck in the snow?

  5. Hi guys you have so much SNOW!! We have none, give me some!! By the way you have so many yellow buses we only have 1. I want to come to America to see all the snow.
    By by from Lucy 🙂 LOL 🙂

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