Winter Storm brings the Carolinas to a Standstill…

Well the winter storm caused chaos here in North Carolina, the entire Carolinas shut down, schools and businesses were closed and nobody was walking or driving around, it was like a ghost town everywhere.

Snow like this is rare here so the children were very excited. Lessons went ahead using class websites, and schools will be opened during the Easter holidays to make up for lost time,which is normal procedure here.

Click on the NBC news clip below and around 2 mins 55 secs Mrs Macniven and her class are rushing to the school buses.



In the clip below children from Sandy Ridge are seen enjoying the snow and their parents share their views on the unusual weather. You can also see the  local town of Waxhaw.

Fox news


click on the photo below to see more snow photos.

snow ballantyne


4 thoughts on “Winter Storm brings the Carolinas to a Standstill…

  1. You are so lucky we have just watched your video you only had about twelve people dancing at one time. We had 96 people dancing at one time. You’re also extra lucky that you got snow and missed a day of school. In 2010 we had about three feet of snow and we were off for one week and three days but we have not had anything since that. What did you do on your day off?

  2. Oh my goodness you have so much snow. It’s unbelievable, this looks like weird weather. Is there enough snow to ski or snowboard? We live in a rather cold country and hardly ever get a snowflake. The last time we were off school was about 3 years ago. That was for about a week and we’ve not had any since. Are you going to get more snow?

  3. We have a p6 ceilidh and we have to dance and sing songs just like you, we sing Dark Island, Bonnie wee Jeanie McColl and Scotland the Brave, did you sing these songs as well?

    The last time it snowed school was cancelled. When we all got to school there was an enormous pile of snow in the playground and at lunch plus break and everyone cannonballed in it.

  4. Hello my name is Mikey and my name is Stuart. How many buses do you have? The last time we had to miss school was a few years ago because the after effects of Hurricane Catriona hit us and the teachers thought we would get blown of our feet. Is the bad weather still effecting your daily life and how long has the weather been effecting you do you find this weather good or do you think it’s terrible. You’re singing and dancing looks much better than ours.

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