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  1. Hi I’m Scott I am in primary 6. My class is P6B. We have been learning to dance to the Dashing White Seargant the Canadian Barn dance etc. Our whole year group have performed these dances whith the other classes and had a Christmas Party. Which just happens to have been today, Wednesday the 12 of December. We have also been counting down the days untill Christmas on an advent calendar on the computer. The weather here has been cold and frosty, hopefully you have better weather than we have hear.

  2. Christmas in Scotland is the best thing I get to do, You get lots and lots of presents, last time I got a letter from Santa saying stuff like sorry about the mess it was Rudolf , its already cold here and we are hoping that it will snow at Christmas and to be able to make a snowman.And the best thing about Christmas is that sometimes you have to dance with a boy but the worst thing about the dance is that the girls have to pick the boys all the time but the good thing about that is I got to go with Alfie. He is my friend even though he’s a boy but who cares its just a boy he’s my friend. My teacher says you have to be nice to the person that’s your friend…. x from Leonie have a great time at the school bye

  3. (Andrew)We have just had are Christmas party and the p7’s had their annual Christmas fair
    where they sell stuff like,toys,books and loads of bargains.(scott) I got a repto rapter that was £1.50 and at amazon it is £101! (Andrew) I got a packet of haribo’s
    by playing and drawing at a game of fifa 13! I also got some reindeer food,Le tour de France 2012 video game.(scott) we started health and we also finshed two other
    topics.Do you learn about Jesus and Christianity?

  4. Mrs Macniven and Fourth grade
    Hi my name is Finn and I am in p6b at law primary. The weather is cold in North Berwick but it’s not snowing which is bad because I was really hoping that it would be white one morning. At school we have just had our Christmas party which was really fun. We had to go to the sports centre instead this time because the primary 1s were performing their nativity again. But even though the party wasn’t where it usually was, that didn’t spoil the fun. We are also doing the online advent calendar at school every day and today it was America. Why do you call happy holidays?

  5. Great to read about your class in the US. We have a very snowy end to our term here in East Lothian. The Easter holidays are on the horizon 🙂

  6. Hello! My name is Joey. I am a fourth grade student in North Carolina. Are school is a lot different then yours. Our teacher has to come to lunch with us and has to come to recess with us. Our school starts at 7:30 and ends at 2:00. Our lunch even starts at 10:42 and ends at 11:10. Early right! The thing I like to do the most is play American football, soccer as we call it, basketball, and I love to run. I love to learn about Scotland! Its such an interesting country! I would love to visit Scotland. By the way; I am a nine year old boy. Anyway, I want to be a American football player when I grow up. My hobbies are reading, helping my Mom with dinner, riding my bike, and yard work. I hope you enjoyed learning about my life and North Carolina. But theirs one more thing I would like to ask you. What’s your favorite Rugby team? How old are you? Thanks for reading!


  7. Hello my name is chibuzo. I am in the 4th grade I like football. you don’t play American football you play futball as in soccer. My life in the US is good how are you, what things in the UK do you do. My teacher Mrs. Macniven has taught us a lot about Scotland. Here is a question a question I have been dying to ask someone Scottish. What does haggis taste like? Also have you ever been to the highland game because my teacher has been telling us about it and military tattoo the

  8. William Wallace
    As brave as a knight
    As loyal as a president
    he has no fright
    Scotland’s freedom fighter

    “Cling, clang, slice” goes his claymore
    Roaring like a panther
    Trampling solders
    His shiny claymore looks at him before battle
    Scotland’s freedom fighter

    Wonderful warrior Wallace
    Getting the job done

    Scotland’s bravest warrior

    Written by Tristan, Ryan and Joey.

  9. Hello Ava our names are Katie and Orla
    We like drawing we do it a lot! We are VERY good friends! And laugh a lot as well. We love doodling just as much as you do. We start school at 8:45 and we finish at 3:20 we have lunch at 12:20 and break at 10:15.We play with younger children in a club we’ve made every break/lunch. We love pasta and salted/ butter popcorn. We like roller blading; we do it in the garden. We love art. We have both been to America. It’s very cold in Scotland. Katie has a dog called Harvey and Orla has a Rabbit called Harvey.
    From Katie and Orla

  10. Hello my name is Michael. Let me tell you about thanks giving .we get three days off for Thanks giving .I am going to Virginia. That is were my grandparents live .they have a lake, a barn a zip line, a bunch of tire swings ,two dogs and a atv. but you guys call them quadbikes . They need one because my Grandparents have a lot of land .the reason he has a lot of land because he goes hunting. Their house is even has a library. (nobody works there)they have four floors .what are you guys doing next week ?what do you guys do for saint Andrews day?
    Cant wait for your reply

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