Head Teacher Update 14/10/22

It was great to be able to join the Parent Council at Pinkie St. Peter’s Primary School earlier this week, and to do a brief introduction. I also enjoyed finding out about the many ways in which parents currently support the school with a whole range of activities.

There has been a big focus on ICT, because long lead in times mean that we are already having to make some of the big decisions around how the campus can best support the East Lothian Digital Learning Strategy and the ambition we all share: to make the best use of digital devices to support equity through the inclusion, engagement, and wellbeing of our young people. We are looking carefully at what we can learn from other new build schools, both in our own local authority and beyond. This meant that architect Sam Williams and I had to get our hard hats on once again and start a very important shopping list to ensure the construction team can get everything in place for the right IT infrastructure.

I have also been finding out more about the needs and aspirations of young people in the community, with members of the community team and a visit to the Bridges project in Musselburgh. It has been hugely encouraging to find so many people who adhere to the maxim ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and their knowledge and skills are very much valued. I will continue to take time to meet with valuable partners throughout the rest of this term.

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