Head Teacher Update 23/09/22

Welcome to the first in a series of head teacher weekly updates.

This week I moved from Midlothian to East Lothian, and have received the warmest of welcomes from colleagues and young people.

As anyone who has moved from one large organisation to another will know, there is a lot to take in. This week has been full of new people, new places, and new things to learn about. I have found it helpful to compare it to times I have been on holiday to other English speaking countries; we have a shared language with which we communicate effectively, but we use varying terminology and there are small cultural differences that you just need to learn!

It’s heartening, however, to see just how much expertise has gone into getting the Wallyford Learning Campus this far. There are many highly skilled individuals and teams with an important role to play in making the strategic vision an operational reality. We are already at a crucial decision making stage when it comes e.g. finalising interior plans, and ensuring that the building has the right IT provided. My key focus has been on asking the question: will that work for our young people? It was great to speak with the architect and to begin to get a feel for how the space can be used most effectively.

One of my week one priorities was to meet with the chairs of the Parent Councils at Wallyford Primary School and Pinkie St. Peter’s. We had an informal and wide ranging discussion around school identity, the wider community, and how we can work together to ensure a positive transition experience. I look forward to also engaging with parents from Musselburgh Grammar school too. Their children may have already made the key move to secondary school, but they will now have all the challenges and opportunities of a second transition. I am currently working on a plan for a number of parental engagement throughout the year, to ensure that we are able to work positively together from the earliest stage.

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