Head Teacher Update 30/09/22

I really valued a session held this week for all secondary head teachers, which was facilitated by Dr Dee Torrance, of the University of Glasgow. This gave space and time for all of us to think deeply about how we can best support our young people in navigating the challenging world in which they currently find themselves. There is no doubt that we all continue to see and to feel the impact of the pandemic, both in positive ways and in new challenges. All of us were in agreement as to our desire to lead schools in which young people’s wellbeing is a constant focus of the conversation.

I also caught up with Bruce Murray, the head teacher of Letham Primary. It was great to be able to benefit from his experience on building a school community from scratch, and to learn more about the key questions to ask contractors involved with the build! The school itself is very impressive, and I really appreciated its focus on ensuring safety and security.

The week ended on a high when I was able to get my hard hat on and visit site for the first time. Huge thanks are due to Graeme Lang, the Morisson construction site manager, who took time out to show (service manager) Neil Craik-Collins and I the story so far. It’s impossible to be anything other than inspired by the scope and ambition of the build. Hopefully seeing it without all of its walls and doors will actually help me to find my way around!

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