Head Teacher Update 7/10/22

On Monday, it was my pleasure to host colleagues from Moray House at the University of Edinburgh. Rosemary Grady and Kevin Brack are involved in a number of programmes related to Leadership and Learning, and have supported me through various stages of studying for my Masters in Education.

My focus this year is on growing professional learning, and how we ensure that we have the highly skilled staff that young people deserve.

I introduced myself to Wallyford Primary School Parent Council members at their meeting this week, and enjoyed listening to the rich discussion around plans in place to continue to support attainment for all. I offered an introductory presentation which explored where I have come from and what themes are important to me as a leader. The presentation is included here to give a flavour of the themes that were discussed with families.

I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of the review team at Musselburgh Grammar school. It has been a genuine pleasure to engage with staff, pupils and parents in a busy and vibrant school community. It also gave me the chance to work with a number of school leaders from across East Lothian Council, all of whom collaborated effectively to build a clear picture of Musselburgh’s strengths and next steps.

This morning has been a real mixture, which perfectly illustrates very different demands of this job. I began with the second of two Pupil Voice groups I’ve convened this week, beginning with a look at the plans from the architect and interior designer. The most common exclamation was, ‘Wow!’ and they had lots of really thoughtful questions.

I then moved on to begin to develop a staffing structure that will support the sort of curriculum I want to deliver at Wallyford- one which includes all learners and which appreciates the learning that goes on outside as well as within formal classroom structures. Getting the right staff in place takes time to get right, so we’ll be getting started on the first steps of recruitment processes in the coming weeks.

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