Pupil Voice Groups

Young people in our three associated schools will have the opportunity to take part in a range of pupil voice activities. Pupil voice groups will begin their programme of activities as follows:

Wallyford Primary School: Week beginning 31st October 2023

Musselburgh Grammar: Week beginning 7th November 2023

Pinkie St. Peter’s Primary School: Week beginning 14th November 2023

This means that the Head Teacher will be in all three schools on a regular basis throughout the term.

Groups have been coordinated by staff at the pupils’ existing schools.

They will be exploring the key themes of purpose, community, identity and learning. They will also have the chance to take part in a consultation with our interior designer, Lynda Wightman. We want the young people to help to create a place to be proud of, including spaces that feel safe and welcoming.

Due to the high number of pupils involved, not everyone will be able to be part of a pupil voice group. However, from January 2023, all young people will have the chance to take part in a series of pupil surveys on a range of topics. Any questions they have can be shared with their class teacher/key adult, who will either be able to answer their questions directly or pass them on to the Head Teacher for a response.

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