Portrait Work – the children have continued their work on portraits  by using photographs to help them create more accurate drawings of themselves.  We focused on proportion and shading.

  ep1.JPG               ep4.JPGep2.JPG        ep3.JPG      

Emotional Portrait work – we have been thinking about how colours make us feel and making drawings about feelings and emotions using only colour, line and shape.  It has produced some really stunning work!

colour.JPG   colour-1.JPG

FiReWoRkS sHaPe PoEmS!


Basketball Festival – Team photo!

Our Light and Sound topic Wall!


13 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I’ve seen your portraits on the stair display and am so impressed! What a super effort.
    Well done.
    Mrs Peterson.

  2. Your self-portraits are very impressive. You’ve all put alot of effort into your work. I am really enjoying your blog. Glad to see that the rest of the school are following in your footsteps and creating a blog too.

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