Celebrations at West Barns

What a week it has been for us at West Barns today, Stars of the Week, Golden Time
and we even found time to enjoy the lovely food made today with parent volunteers
from our vegetable patch.

Mrs Whitford visited all of the different Golden Time activities today and took
lots of photos. We must say a huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came
into school today to prepare and bake food with the pupils. Children across the school
took part in rounders, making hamma bead designs, continued with 3D models, playing
board games and of course the baking.

Golden Time Fun on PhotoPeach

After break each class went to the hall for quite a feast! We tried soup, cheese and
courgette cake, quiche, omelettes, potato scones and much more. Thanks also to
Mrs Forsyth who took some of our potatoes home to fry and roast – they were delcious!
My particular favourites were the marrow and mint soup and the potato and chocolate
cake. What was your favourite?

Food, Glorious Food on PhotoPeach

A Whopper of a Marrow!

This week Mrs Lees took one of our oversized courgettes (which apparently becomes
a marrow) to make up a delicious soup for us all to try today.
Here is a picture of our marrow – it’s so big, it needs both Poppy and Ciara
to pick it up! It weighed in at a whopping 3k 150g.

West Barns Harvests Vegetables

Earlier this year our Gardening Club transformed the old ivy square at the front of the school into a vegetable patch and today we were able to reap the fruits (or vegetables in this case) of their labour.
Pupils worked together at lunch time to dig up the potatoes, pick the peas and beans, pull up the onions and cut the courgettes of the plants. We weighed 17.5 lbs of potatoes, 2 lbs of beans, and two of our courgettes weighed in at 1 lb each.
We are really looking forward to Golden Time on Friday when lots of parent helpers are coming into the school to help us cook up our vegetables into tasty treats for the whole school to sample.

West Barns Harvest on PhotoPeach